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   to one of the largest Amateur Radio Clubs in Australia with over 200 members. 

Celebrating 50 years of progress through activity. 


   Westlakes Amateur Radio Club is located at York Street,Teralba on the Western
shores of Lake Macquarie  which is 100 Kilometres NNE of Sydney and 10 Kilometres
SW of Newcastle NSW.

   We are a not for profit club, with the aim of promoting Amateur Radio in all its modes
and enjoyment. The club is not gender specific, having both female and male members.
Members come from all walks of life with a mix of experience, young and mature,
novice and technical.

   The most important aspect of the club is the willingness of all members to share their
knowledge for the benefit of others.
 To find out more about the club and it's activities, please follow the various links on our website or contact one of our members, or come along to our meetings.

   Canteen and activity room are provided and the club is also home to the WIA QSL Bureau. 
Please call in when you are in the area. Tea and coffee are always on. 

What is Amateur Radio...

   Are you new to Amateur Radio? and you like to know more about our most rewarding, interesting, educational, democratic hobby, then click here, and we tell you all about our exciting hobby!

   There are 15,000 Radio Amateurs in Australia. It's a hobby for most and is a form of communication and probably the earliest form of social networking. It's ham radio. But what does it entail exactly?


The Weekly Sunday News Broadcast

The Westlakes news broadcast is transmitted
every Sunday at 9am on 2 meters at 146.775 MHz
 and now also at 7pm on 80 meters at 3.640 MHz

Due to factors beyond our control
the  display at the Catalina Festival
This Sunday 30th October will
NOT go ahead!


Car Boot Sale on the 19th of November to offer left over items from the Field Day.
 Check your Shack and Garage for any sailable items and turn them into cash.
One rule though, whatever you bring in to sell, if not sold,
then you must take it home with you…


The club is open:
Saturday from around 11:00 am. Also on a
Tuesday evening from around 6:00 pm
and of course visitors are always welcome!



Wireless Institute of Australia



Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Inc. York Street, Teralba NSW