Welcome to the Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Website.

Amateur Radio:

Internationally, Amateur Radio is a very popular hobby. It began in 1904 when two Boston High School students built a Transmitter and Receiver with a range of eight miles. Very quickly commercial equipment became available and by 1912, Amateur Radios were being used on ships to increase safety. In 1921, American Amateurs challenged Amateur Radio enthusiasts in the UK to try to establish contact across the Atlantic. Because of their sense of adventure and experimentation, Amateur Radio enthusiasts developed international wireless communications. That tradition has continued and 'Hams' as we are sometimes called, continue to develop new and interesting ways to communicate.

One of the exciting notions for Amateur Radio hobbyists is that a radio signal can travel from their antenna directly to another Amateur's antenna anywhere in the worrld without relying on any telephone or Internet infrastructure. In this day and age, many young men and women find that fascinating.

Australians are innovators. We are known for our thirst for new technologies and knew ways of doing things. As such, we were not left behind in the race to get on the air. There was a great benefit to pursuing Amateur Radio as a hobby in regional Australia where communication with the big cities was limited. It was not long before children in remote regions of Australia were able to attend the "School of the Air". The image, low and to the right was taken in 1960 at a Queensland home.

The Westlakes Community:

At Westlakes Amateur Radio Club, we hold regular Field Days to encourage the members of the community to as questions about our hobby. We also like to participate in community events such as school Fetes and other public events. Our Education Officer holds courses and activities on a regular basis at the Clubhouse at Teralba to encorage students towards STEM learning areas and so that members of the community can find out more about what we do, and perhaps get involved. Please contact the Club if you would like us come out and present at your organisation or school.

Some members of the Club volunteer to operate the radio equipment when a State of Emergency is declared. Some work with Lake Macquarie Marine Rescue and other Emergency Services organisations and use their experience and expertise in radiocommunications to help the community directly. Others build radios, antennas and experimental equipment. In order to apply for an Amateur Radio License, you have to learn about Electicity and Electronics as well as radio transceivers and antennas. For us, this is the most exciting hobby you could imagine!