Standard License Preparation Course






  9 Sep ‘23

Amateur Radio and Our Regulated Hobby

Obtain a copy of the WIA Band Plans and the LCD


16 Sep ‘23

Maths, Science and Electrical Concepts

Complete Calculator and Unit Multiples Tutorials


23 Sep ‘23

AC Circuits, Supplies and Electronic Devices

Learn to recognise common Circuits


30 Sep ‘23

    ((Middle of the School Holidays))

Do Practice Exams: AR_Victoria & HamExam


  7 Oct ‘23

RF Circuits, Resonance and Antenna Systems

Study the RASA Band Plan Quick Reference


14 Oct ‘23

Transmitter Block Diagrams and the Blocks

Do Practice Exams, with reference to the Syllabus


21 Oct ‘23

Receiver Block Diagrams and the Blocks

Fill out the Blank block diagram sheets provided


28 Oct ‘23

Interference and Electromagnetic Compliance

Define types and sources of noise, and solutions


  4 Nov ‘23

Regulations and Operational Procedures

Practice Regulations Exams ready for 25 Nov!


11 Nov ‘23

Electrical and Operational Safety

Generate a Safety Report on your own Shack


18 Nov ‘23

Revision and Review

Do Practice Exams, aiming for 85%


25 Nov ‘23

Standard Theory Exam and Regulations Exam

Celebrate the end of your challenge!


Open Sessions for Advanced Training will continue, on Saturday afternoons from 1300hrs to 1500hrs (1pm to 3pm). I describe these sessions as “Open” because we are going through the Advanced Syllabus; continually cycling through the lesson content so it doesn’t matter at which point you begin to attend. Exam dates will be negotiated on an individual basis.

You are also welcome to attend simply to put a question to our panel of experts. We reserve the right to research answers to any questions of an advanced nature, before offering you our response.


Wednesday Q and A Sessions and Electronics Projects

From 1000hrs to 1230hrs (10am to 12:30pm), on Wednesdays from 6 September, we will be engaging in open Q and A Sessions: Come with a Question, an Idea or a Circuit diagram. As a group we will look at it and scratch our heads.

From 1300hrs to 1530hrs (1pm to 13:30pm), on Wednesdays from 6 September we will complete short, three-week, practical projects according to the following schedule.






  6 Sep ‘23

-20 Sep ‘23

(2 versions) A 1.25A (or 3A) Dual-Rail DC Bench Power Supply: 10 Volts to 32 Volts (or Plus and Minus 5 Volts to 16 Volts)

Linear DC Power Supply Design, Device limitations, Voltage and Load Regulation


27 Sep ‘23

-11 Oct ‘23

A three-stage, Class AB, complimentary symmetry, amplifier suitable as a Microphone Pre-amp or Buffer amp

DC and AC circuit analysis, input/output impedance of a circuit and freq. response


18 Oct ‘23

-1 Nov ‘23

A 7.1 MHz sine-wave oscillator suitable for use, when combined with Project 2, as a fixed frequency CW Transmitter

Crystal and Oscillator circuit characteristics, Filters and impedance transformers


  8 Nov ‘23

-22 Nov ‘23

An ESP32-based Data-logger, a 10ks/s Digital CRO (Effective to 2kHz signals), and a 3-Channel Digital Multimeter

Driving a TFT Display, Reading Analog Inputs and Digital Signal Processing

Call your friendly, neighbourhood Education Officer, Jeffrey Stokes, VK2JET, with any enquiries on 0402 119 074 or email