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Transmitting ATV at 5.6Ghz - (6cm Amateur Band)

  It is very easy (and low cost) to get on air on 5.6Ghz (the 6cm amateur band), using the cheap modules intended to transmit "First Person Video" (FPV) back from drones to their operators. These units can be used without any modifications to get on air, and with simple WiFi plate or dish antennas (and a clear line of sight path) can be used to send ATV to stations using the same equipment over paths in excess of 60-70Km.

VK2RTS (Sydney) Repeater has a input of 5.695Ghz.

The FPV equipment receive and transmit frequencies are set using DIP switches, and most tune to 5695Mhz - but care needs to be taken when selecting equipment to make sure it does cover this frequency, as other channels NOT cover the 6cm Amateur Band. Most of the available brands have 5 - 6 channels within the 6cm.

The FPV units are widely advertised on eBay and other sites with titles similar to "Tarot 5.8G 600mW Telemetry TX/RX Combo for FPV Image Transmission TL300N" and are available at reasonable prices. The typical units are very small but have good FM-TV performance with a quoted transmitter spec of 600mW output and receiver sensitivity of -80dBm.
Amplifiers are available to raise the output power to 2 - 5 watts.

FPV - TX/RX Unit

Transmit Amplifiers
Whilst the basic units work very well and have been used to transmit over paths of 50Km, power amplifiers to boost the 600mW transmitter signal to 2 - 5 Watts are available from several suppliers on eBay and other sites, and will significantly increase the path length that the units will work over. Theses amplifiers should be connected after the transmit unit, but before any antenna change over relay's (if used)


Transmit Amplifier


Reverse SMA!
Be aware that all the 5.6Ghz FPV units use "reverse SMA" connectors (as used on WiFi equipment) and that all low-loss cables (unless bought specifically for the purpose) and surplus SMA relays will almost certainly have standard SMA connectors - which will NOT fit.
Adapters from reverse to standard SMA are available on eBay or other suppliers - search for "RP-SMA to SMA adaptor.

As 5.6Ghz is used by broadband wireless networks, there is a wide choice of antennas available for use on the 5.6Ghz ATV. These can range from flat plates/panels to wire mesh (grid) dishes. Horizontal polarisation has been chosen as the standard

It is also possible to use satellite mini dish with a suitable feed, such as a waveguide/horn.
Dishes of this size typically have a beam width of 4-8 degrees.
Using dish aerials of 30-60cm, line of sight ranges of 80Km can easily be achieved.

P5 (noise free) FM-ATV pictures have been exchanged over a 138Km path using equipment described here on this page

Dave G8GKQ did a presentation at the BATC annual convention CAT17 in September 2017 on getting started on 5.6GHz ATV.

VK2RTS ATV Repeater Lawson (Blue Mountains)
Now has a 5.695MHz ATV Input
Output at 446.500MHz

I, will at some more info soon, currently I am testing my set-up, as I have NOT my standard license I am limited in my research (need help of a standard license amateur to transmit).
So far we have very good results. My antenna sits on a 7 meter mast and can without any problem transmit to VK2RTS repeater in Lawson (Blue Mountains) from my QTH, Punchbowl.
This configuration will cost around $150.

This Info will be updated when more testing is done. Thanks goes out to VK2ANU and VK2CRJ for there help.



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