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GB3HV - Introduction

   GB3HV is a multi input TV repeater built around an Intuitive Circuits logic controller and 8 way DTMF controlled video and audio switch.

   Receive inputs on 70cms DATV, 23cms ATV and DATV and 10 GHz ATV are automatically selected and manual selection of video quad, Skype PC input, mast camera and GB3BA link is also possible.

   A Skype input providing full screen video is available for preauthorised viewers and control of the user functions is available by DTMF on either 432.750 or the Skype input. A video quad viewer enables a 4 way QSO to take place and 144.750 MHz is monitored and relayed on the output.

The two following DATV Repeaters are using the Portsdown Specifications

GB3HV is located in the village of Upper Hale at an old government communications site which was also part of the Farnborough Research facilities.


GB3HV is a Digital Amateur TV Repeater located in North Bristol (Filton).
 This is a 2 channel multiple multi channel repeater.

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