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What is Echolink?

  • A method for digitally linking transceivers or repeaters, regardless of location

  • A method for accessing remote transceivers
    like a remote control

  • Echolink uses the Internet to pass digitized packets of sound from one node to another.
    Think of Skype, which sends Audio from one Skype application to another.

    This is known as "Voice over Internet Protocol" (VOIP)


Three ways to connect

  • Direct User
    Internet enabled smart phone or Internet enabled computer with speaker and microphone.

  • Echolink enabled Repeater
    Audio feed of the repeater is received by Echolink node & relayed onto the Echolink system.

  • Echolink enabled simplex link
    Audio feed of a single transceiver.


Direct Connect User

  • Smartphone offers Echolink Application
    Like using a cell phone, but your audio is ported onto the Echolink system over the Internet. Enables you to in essence, remotely control a host transceiver anywhere in the world.

Direct connect

  • Via Internet connected computer
    If you have a broad band Internet (cable, ADSL or NBN)
    it uses your computer's speakers and internal or external microphone. It enables you to a remote transceiver and participate in (inter) national nets and conferences.


What is a conference?

  • A Conference
    A conference is linking of various repeaters, links, direct connect users and other
    conferences. Sort of like a big party line: Audio streams in from all various connected nodes, users, and conferences. Echolink sorts it out to prevent doubling.

Echolink enabled repeater

  • Echolink enabled repeater
    Echolink enabled repeater that has its audio streamed onto the internet. Echolink users from anywhere in the world can connect and transmit onto the repeater. A Echolink connection may be physically located at the repeater, or may be remotely located.

Echolink connected Simplex Link

  • Echolink connected simplex link
    Simplex link, like a repeater, connects Echolink to a local transceiver but is tuned to a simplex frequency. Local Simplex users may not necessarily hear each oter, but may be able to use the same link.



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