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Education, Training and Examinations

   To operate an Amateur Radio station, you need a licence from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). This involves some study, and examinations to earn your Amateur Operator's Certificate of Proficiency. There are three different licence grades, and each with more operating privileges.

   To help to get your licence, Westlakes Amateur Radio Club conducts regular training and examination days at the club. We do this, not as a way of gaining funds (we don't charge for this), but to foster the use of Amateur Radio.

There are three separate exam components:

  • Radio theory (either Standard or Advanced level)

  • Regulations

  • Practical Assessment

   For the entry-level Foundation licence, you sit a combined Theory/Regulations/Practical assessment at one sitting.

   For the Standard and Advanced licences, the components may be attempted at a single sitting or, if you prefer, each one may be attempted at different times, In either case, you need to pass all three components to qualify for a licence.

   If you are upgrading to a higher level licence, you do not need to complete another practical assessment.

   You will be given the results of your assessment on the day, so if you pass, you can apply for your licence right away!

How much does it cost?

  While we don't charge for training and assessments, we do have to pass on the exam fees charged by the WIA Exam Service.

  • Foundation:  $70 (under-18: $35)

  • Practical assessment taken alone:  $65 (under-18: $35)

  • Regulations (Standard or Advanced licence grades)  $70 (under-18: $35)

  • Theory (Standard or Advanced licence grades)  $70 (under-18: $35)

  • Replacement certificate of proficiency:  $10

Where and when?

   Assessments are conducted at the club (see contact page for location), usually on Saturdays. Check the calendar for upcoming Training & Assessment events.
Contact John Saunders  VK2EV. or Jeff Green VK2MCD.


What should I bring?


You will need to bring a suitable form of identification, e.g. Driver's Licence, Passport, Employment Identification Card, Student Card, or matching signature on financial institution card, or Social Security card, You will also need to bring a passport-sized photograph of yourself for your licence application.

You should bring pens and a non-programmable calculator if you wish.

How do I prepare for this?

   Westlakes Amateur Radio Club conducts formal training courses from time to time: contact us to find out when the next course will be held. We recommend Your Entry into Amateur Radio, the foundation licence training manual, available from the club for $20. You can also purchase this book from the WIA and of course, our teachers are always at your disposal!


Here are some useful resources to help you on your way:

  • The Wireless Institute of Australia is the national body representing our hobby. Click on the "Become a Radio Amateur" link on their menu for more information. The WIA also publishes the book, "Your Entry into Amateur Radio", which contains all you need to study for the Foundation licence

  • The Radio Electronics School has course material and practice exams so you know what to expect when you do the real thing.

  • The Amateur licence information paper details the ACMA's licensing requirements for Amateur Operators.

Amateur Operator's Certificate of Proficiency



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