Westlakes Amateur Radio Club

Education Department


The Westlakes Amateur Radio Club has long provided excellent support for those wishing to obtain an Amateur Radio License.

The members of the club are always eager to share their knowledge. 

Examinations, administered by the Australian Marine College, are held at the Clubhouse at need. There are, under normal circumstances, courses delivered at the Clubhouse to prepare candidates for each of the three classes of Amateur Radio Operator's License.

Foundation: 3 hours/week over 6 weeks
Standard: 3 hours/week over 8 weeks
Advanced: 3 hours/week over 8 weeks

Course schedules have reopened on Saturday mornings. Please contact the education officer to book your place

Please enquire about the courses and exams if you are interested.

Education Officer:

Jeffrey Stokes VK2JET


0402 119 074


John Saunders VK2EV