Welcome to the Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Education Programme: Foundation Course

The course you are beginning will prepare you for your Foundation Level Amateur License Examination. It will take several weeks to go through the content online and view the additional resources that are linked to these pages. Remember that face to face courses are normally held at the Westlakes Amateur Radio Club, New South Wales, on a regular basis. Be sure to contact us if you would like to attend the classes or any local events at the club.



Each sub-section or clause within the syllabus will be the focus of a short topic. Webpages like this one can be found by clicking on the links in the list of topics to the left. Each of these short lessons will contain a SUMMARY, an ACTIVITY, some RESOURCES and a SELF-CHECK. You will notice the four links immediately above. You can use these to jump straight to the part of this lesson that you are interested in. This will save time during the lessons that have longer web pages.

The Lesson Summary will give you the basic information that you need to apply in the AMC (Australian Maritime College) exam questions. The other parts of each lesson are described below.


Each lesson will have a Lesson Activity. It may be a practical task or it may require looking up information in external, printed resources. For example, references will be made to The Foundation License Manual; Your Entry into Amateur Radio. This book should be available to you as it is an excellent source of information that will complement what you read on this website.

The book is available from the WIA website. where you can also download the Third Edition Updates and Suppliments.


Figure: The Foundation License Manual


In this section of the lesson, we will provide a list of external resources such as articles from other websites, videos on YouTube or supplimentary *.pdf notes for you to download and print out.

This Learning Repository will continue to grow so new links will appear from time to time. For example, below is a link to the Foundation License Syllabus. Having a copy of that will help you track how the things you are learning fit into the Exam requirements.

Foundation Licence Syllabus


This part of the lesson will allow you to check your memory and understanding of the concepts that are covered in this one particular lesson. It will contain a short series of questions that have been written to align closely with the outcomes of the syllabus. Remember that the pass mark for the Amateur Radio Exams is 70% so make sure you can consistently get 4 out of 5 of these self-check questions correct. That would, if the quizes were exams, give you 80%

At the bottom of this section in each lesson, we will include a link to practice exam resources for you to use as your exam date draws nearer. Don't be afraid to start doing those online practice exams straight away so that you cqan track your score as it improves.


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