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Education at Westlakes Amateur Radio Club

WARC Club Logo

York St. Teralba, NSW 2284

Club President: Dennis Williams (VK2XDW)
Treasurer: Jeremy Gooday (VK2LDX)

Education Officer: Jeffrey Stokes (VK2JET)

EDUCATION CONTACT: Jeffrey Stokes: education@westlakesarc.org.au

Scheduled Educational Programmes

The Westlakes Amateur Radio Club has a classroom that is set up to present courses in Electronics, Programming and Radiocommunications. Small groups of learners are, under normal circumstances, able to pursue a hobby in electronics and microcontrol, or prepare for upcomingAmateur Radio License Examinations held at the club. Education Schedule for 2021 and 2022

Currently, due to Covid restrictions, and according to the Club's Covid Safe Plan, open Question and Answer Sessions are being held at various times during the week, with a view to using web-based resources to deliver lessons to interested parties. Those web resources are currently being developed for each course.

The online Question and Answer sessions will run using Zoom. (Download the Application HERE for a PC or HERE for an Android device)

Those who are interested in participating in the Zoom Meetings should contact Martin Rowley by email: vp@westlakesarc.org.au

Online Educational content

To the right are some links to courses; sequences of lessons, including videos, articles and self-check questions. The questions do not constitute an exam but they do help you to assess your own understanding of each of the topics. These sequences represent the content of a whole course in which you might be interested. Each Lesson in a sequence represents at least 6 hours of reading, investigation, activities and review.

If a link does not exist, or appears broken, don't panic!. It just means that the content is probably still being developed and has not yet been published. Otherwise, it may be in the middle of an update.

Please report any navigation or content issues you have to Jeffrey Stokes.

Courses at Westlakes Amateur Radio Club

An Introduction to Electricity - 22 Lessons
Amateur Radio: Foundation Level - 9 Lessons
Radio and Electronics School: Foundation Videos - 30+ Tutorial Videos
Amateur Radio: Standard Level - 16 Lessons
Amateur Radio: Regulations and Procedures - 10 Lessons
Amateur Radio: Advanced Level - 20 Lessons
Basic Electronics - 22 Lessons
Analogue Devices and Circuits - 24 Lessons
Digital Electronics - 24 Lessons
Arduino Programming and Connections - 36 Lessons
Arduino Projects - 20 Projects
Radio Projects - 12 Projects
HTML, CSS and Javascript - 36 Lessons