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WARC News   14-7-2019

Good morning. This is VK2ATZ portable with a summary of news and events for Amateur Radio Operators and listeners on behalf of Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Incorporated. It is Sunday the 14th of July 2019. Your announcer this morning is Jeremy VK2LDX, using the club call-sign. Call-backs will be taken immediately after the broadcast.

The outdoor weather gauge was checked yesterday, and the scientific result was that it must have been cold based on the lower number of vehicles present!

Discussions varied and included what some members would do for the Club if they were in receipt of the elusive Lotto wins. Michael CCW, was busy preparing his award winning CW Sessions, before taking on the task of running the BBQ. Thanks Michael much appreciated. The previous Chef is according to her partner, “Flat on her back in Hospital” We think she has been carrying LDX too much and injured herself hi hi. Speedy recovery wishes to Susie.

Of course, it was all about business today, and the Committee held their meeting, while Stephen FHRZ's guide dog Ike was keen for it to end so he could check out sample the quality of Michael CCW's cooking.

The General meeting came and went and in almost record time. Perhaps the Secretary should be kept away more often! Even the super Saturday meat raffle was a challenge, requiring several attempts to draw a successful winner.....a very deserving Dennis XDW!

Things are starting to progress rapidly with regard to getting the Log Periodic and wire antennas back in the air, don't be shy if you can assist.

During the week the passing parade consisted of Ken UTC doing his regular cleaning for the benefit of all, Jeremy LDX participating in the Wednesday net among other things, Jeff MCD called in after his regular cast removal and replacement and took away some excess rubbish etc. Ian HDZ called in for a quick chat on his way home from a job at Wakefield, and as always week in week out, Alex ZM attending to the Bureau. There's always something to be done!

Here we go again, through the mystery of history!

1975 was another interesting year for our Club, as work continued at the new facility and funds were in demand. Members were encouraged to pay an increased fee of $10 and by the end of the year we had 152 members.

Our incredibly active member, Jamie VK2YCJ was among the first to receive test transmissions from the ground breaking ABC radio station 2JJ. The station commenced in January 1975 on 1540 Khz. This was the forerunner of today’s 2JJJ on 102.1 MHz.

During the year there were a couple of Ray McCook's mystery tours up into the Wattagans with the University Amateur Radio Group and Westlakes members. Our correspondent now based in the US, Simon Clowes, took a late night walk up to Mt Warrawolong to take in the lights of the now defunct “Old Sydney Town” complex. Having been up there many times in daylight and by 4wd, Jeff MCD reckons to do it on foot at night would be no easy task!

At the 1975 AGM, the late Geoff Linthorne VK2GL, then ZGL became the club's Public Relations Officer along with being somewhat involved in the company Digitronics which was very supportive of WARC. August found both Geoff, and Barry Parsons VK2YCK studying feverishly to gain the Morse and AOCP upgrade. Barry was also relaying the VK2AWI broadcasts on a Sunday evening.

The 1975 membership list contained a few familiar names, including Les RJ, Jamie YCJ, Stephen FHRZ, the now WIA President Greg Kelly GPK, Dave Lawrence, Paul BPL to name a few. Under the heading Noise Bursts were details of visiting members who live out of the area, one of these was none other than Herb ZVF! Noise burst indeed, interestingly his place of residence was Bondi Beach, nothing like living in the great outdoors.

There was mention of a past member who had started a radio museum at Warners Bay, what a shame that didn't survive. Another item lost to the past was the regular 160m Foxhunts, using everyday AM radios, modified for 160m of course.

Much was said regarding the 27 MHz pirates, and the anti Novice Licence fraternity. No doubt opinions are still divided on both issues, let alone Foundation licences!

There was a new Radio Club formed at Cessnock High School, and the first Novice Exams were scheduled for June, with the Novice Licence to only be granted for a 2 year term. Interestingly, the governing body at the time postponed these several times and they will no doubt appear in future broadcasts.

Greg Kelly passed his Limited Exams to become VK2ZQE, with previously mentioned Simon passing his theory but missing the regs. Remember, there were no Assessments on demand back then!

The 10/40/50 rule was applied to WARC, where 10% done the work, 40% watched and 50% done neither! Obviously in the 10% Jamie was noted for his reading of the VK2AWI news. The new club project was a Digital Clock.

The big event of the year however was the Combined Newcastle Field Day, consisting of the WIA Hunter Branch and WARC combined field days and the Official Opening of Westlakes ARC by several local dignitaries. The plaque to acknowledge this event was organised by Jamie YCJ, and the Club was presented with the Australian Flag. Overall a big year for our Club.

Club Calendar

Car Boot Sale July 20th

Field Day October 13th This year’s Radio Raffle will be for a TYR 390 Dual Band DMR Radio and Hot Spot foe DMR operations.
Next Meeting Day August 10th.

And as always members and visitors are all invited and welcome to attend these functions.

That brings us to the end of the news for this morning. Does anyone have any late breaking news that they wish to have announced this morning?

Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Incorporated is situated at 6A York Street Teralba, NSW, and is open from around 10:00 am every Saturday. We maintain a fully equipped store and have a limited Canteen with Meat Pies, Pasties, Sausage Rolls, a variety of cold drinks, ice creams and of course tea and coffee are always on together with an interesting selection of Biscuits.

And most importantly, visitors are always welcome.

Now standing by for call backs.

Firstly, from Visitors, then, Mobiles and Portable only.

Followed by fixed stations,

And finally, stations that wish to make a comment, to this news or a topic in general.

This is VK2ATZ/portable. At this time, we would like to thank The Hunter Radio Group for the use of the Repeater. It is very much appreciated.
Thank you for listening and have a great day. Have a great week. VK2ATZ/portable is now closed. Good Morning all




Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Inc. York Street, Teralba NSW