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WARC News   16-6-2019

Good morning. This is VK2ATZ portable with a summary of news and events for Amateur Radio Operators and listeners on behalf of Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Incorporated. It is Sunday the 16th of June 2019. Your announcer this morning is Barrie VK2QG, using the club call-sign. Call-backs will be taken after the broadcast.

Here comes another Westlakes Weekly News, for added authenticity please insert your own preferred News theme here! Channel 9’s CW theme will suffice.

Another fun filled day of fantastic frolicking and fellowship, but first, a little bit of trivia regarding our news. Sometimes we might wonder if we have many listeners and/or readers and if they take any notice of our ramblings. Well last Wednesday Jeremy LDX and Jeff MCD were reminded that they do. A surprise visitor, Gary, VK4FGRZ had read our news and decided whilst in the area he would call in and check us out as per our weekly invites. Well done that man! Gary currently hails from Brisbane and is relocating south to Coolah NSW. As he has grand children at Belmont, he will likely become an irregular regular visitor or a regular irregular visitor… anyway good to see people taking notice of our broadcast and seeking us out, and yes Jeremy did manage to discreetly provide Gary with an application form. Thanks Gary, hope to see you again soon.

Before you wonder, yes Ken UTC was in attendance but at the other end of the building in the Shack, where else? He had finished hoovering and had moved on to sorting out computer and electrical matters. Jeremy LDX and Jeff MCD done whatever it is that Treasurers and Secretaries do, sorting invoices, stocking the kitchen etc. Sadly due to a lack of assistance, more antenna and rotator work was left for yet another day. On a brighter note, Ken will be double checking we have everything we need and will be ready for lots of assistance next Saturday to get things ready before reengaging the rigger. As we already have an abundance of Supervisors both young and old, with short term and long term restrictions, some fit willing and able workers would be appreciated!

Yesterday was our Monthly Committee Meeting and General Meeting, put back a week as usual due to the prior long weekend. And what good meetings they were! Productive, quiet and respectful, it was a pleasure to be there. Members are asked though, to consider assisting with the meeting day BBQ or any other meeting day lunch/afternoon tea activities that may be developed. It is with extreme gratitude that we thank Jeremy’s partner Susie for helping us out and doing a very much appreciated job. As far as we are aware it was achieved without fuss or issue, and well received by all. We don’t know what Jeremy had to sacrifice to seal the deal but thanks to him for being brave enough to ask hi hi.

Lots went on at both meetings, but if we tell you everything here, you will have no need to attend the Club, we can however report that following Steve NCS’s visit last week, John EV arrived after having been out of circulation for a couple of months. Like many, John is still recovering but is heading in the right direction, it was good to see you John.

Unfortunately to recognise good, we need to have not so good as well, spare a thought for Glenn GST and Lloyd XAA whilst they continue to have some ongoing family situations preventing them from being with us. Sadly, Glenn has had to stand down from being our Public Officer, as well as many other sidelines of painting, mechanics etc and is very much missed by the Wednesday crew. To ensure continuity, whilst discussing this at yesterdays Committee Meeting, Warren UWP volunteered to take up the role. As you do, we accepted Warren’s offer before he could even lower his arm, and as a long time Committee Member we are sure he will take it in his stride. Thank you Warren.

On brighter notes, it was great to see Alan JED back behind the wheel and getting his independence back. Likewise, Dave RD kindly advised us that it was around minus 2 in Katoomba yesterday morning, so what you may ask, well whilst warm in bed or in the sun spare a thought for Greg CW and Penny who were visiting there this weekend, they must love the cold as it was only a few short weeks ago they were in Canberra! Dave RD also managed to shatter the dreams and illusions of one member, who witnessing Dave and Jeremy arrive at the club with car horns blaring etc commented that when he grew up he wanted to be like Dave, and now realises Dave isn’t going to grow up first! Bugger!

Now back in ’71 lot’s was getting done. WARC membership had increased to an outlandish $5. It had been calculated that each member cost the Club $3.70 per annum. This included Electricity, Post Office, PMG Licence fees, Telephone rental and calls, Lake Macquarie council charges etc – interestingly the membership was around 150, which seems to be a regular figure over some years.

One piece of trivia mentioned, was that Foxhunts were first introduced to Amateur Radio world wide, in 1934 at the Woy Woy Field Day. Amazing history. In the April 71 newsletter, a rare comment from one of our quieter members was a Letter to the Editor correcting some errors regarding propagation that had been previously printed. As I said, unusual, Herb ZVF is usually such a quiet chap.

Back in the day Les RJ was a Champion foxhunter, taking out 1st and 2nd place in 4 of the 8 events at the Westlakes Field Day, and later in the year scored a few more at the Hunter Branch Field Day, well done Les. Not to be forgotten, our own Jamie YCJ and Greg Shearer were tied for 1st place on the Westlakes Leader board for weekly Club Foxhunt events! Jamie also achieved some other awards as part of his involvement with the Youth Radio Scheme. Another, now holding the callsign FHRZ, was Stephen Hallinan, who received a Credit in the YRS Elementary exam.

Herb, being the considerate member, declined the opportunity to take part in a Club organised underground mine tour so that he could instead attend the local hospital and keep the nurses occupied, rumour has it he did get better but we don’t know if he was discharged or evicted when being sent home!

Sadly, but part of our colourful history was at the end of 1971, when the Club motto was briefly changed to “Progress Through Adversity”. The Club was required to relocate from the Anzac Parade facility, back to Booragul to the Church Hall. Hardly a Merry Christmas at the time, but through hard work and determination we are still an operational club, some 48 years later. Anyway, the news reader needs another cup of tea so we will leave it there and look at “Where were you in 72” next time.

Upcoming Dates to Remember
June 22nd – Working bee on Antennas and Rotator
June 29th – A introductory presentation by John Proctor VK2DLP of Port Stephens Radio Club, on Digital Mobile Radio Operation and equipment.
July 13th – Monthly Meetings Day
July 20th – Car Boot Sale
October 13th WARC Field Day

That brings us to the end of the news for this morning. Does anyone have any late breaking news that they wish to have announced this morning?

Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Incorporated is situated at 6A York Street Teralba NSW, and is open from around 10:00 am every Saturday. We maintain a fully equipped store and also have a limited Canteen with Meat Pies, Pasties, Sausage Rolls, a variety of cold drinks, ice creams and of course tea and coffee are always on together with an interesting selection of Biscuits.

And most importantly, visitors are always welcome.

Now standing by for call backs.

Firstly, from Visitors, then, Mobiles and Portable only.

Followed by fixed stations,

And finally stations that wish to make a comment, to this news or a topic in general.

This is VK2ATZ/portable. At this time we would like to thank The Hunter Radio Group for the use of the Repeater. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you for listening and have a great day. Have a great week. VK2ATZ/portable is now closed. Good Morning all.




Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Inc. York Street, Teralba NSW