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WARC News Broadcast 18-6-2017

The monthly meeting took place yesterday and was preceded with a Committee meeting to outline some points of action to benefit members for the next 12 months. President Barry, VK2FIM was absent as he and Wendy are touring the Greek Islands Ö In Office for a month and already on a Junket Overseas!.
The meeting attracted a full house of members eager to see the new management in action. Barrie VK2QG Chaired the meeting and handled the meeting well.

We have it on good authority that the Westlakes Store is not the best place to have a stretch and a nanna nap, if caught you will be dispatched via ambulance to the appropriate medical institution. Well thatís what happened to Geoff Linthorne VK2GL anyway! Whilst occupying the foremans stool in the Store, Geoff fell victim to a debilitating back spasm and associated issues. At last report Jeff VK2MCD confirmed all was ok with Geoff at the hospital, and family had arrived to ensure all was ok. At 4pm he was waiting to play guinea pig whilst they done further tests. Thanks also to Michael VK2CCW and Barry VK2BZ for ensuring Geoffís vehicle was ferried home for him as well. Get better Geoff! Aly needs your supervision.

Meanwhile Joe Buddingh VK2JBS, the storeís quiet achiever, has been holidaying in the Southern Highlands of NSW, some people will go anywhere to cool down!

Much of the vast majority of Valves have been sorted by Jeff VK2MCD, so if you know of anyone requiring valves for a project then contact the store. We intend to advertise these items in various publications and also put a posting on VKham and EBay. Check us first Ö there may be just the right one for that project.

ALY, VK2AFZ requires shoe boxes and ice cream containers for the store. If you can help, pass them along to Aly in the store. You do need new shoes, Donít you! With a target of at least fifty, all are asked to try and contribute.

The Secretary now has Wind Cheater Jackets with the club Logo as well as Vestís. See Jeff and look smart this winter.

Ian, VK2FIGM took home the meat tray much to his delight ... A first time winner, he was still smiling as he left to go home some time later.

The work never ends for some! The website keeps changing and updating thanks to Luke VK2LGW, the activity room is being attended to by Norm VK2KNC and Lloyd VK2XAA, all the display boards of Westlakes history have been rehung, literally thousands of valves are going through a sorting process, and all sorts of day to day tasks that magically just ďhappenĒ. To those that do the simple but necessary tasks such as washing up, mopping, toilet cleaning, fridge stocking, vacuuming and so on we are grateful, to those that may be shy, feel free to help out with a broom or by taking garbage away, even just go for a walk around the building and pick up any rubbish the locals have kindly left for us.

As from July, the Friday maintenance days will be recommencing. Disappointingly these ran off the rails due to ongoing weather issues, and lack of availability of organizers. There are many regular tasks that need doing, inside, outside, painting, mowing, cleaning. The first one will be 9am Friday July 6th, all welcome for whatever time you may be able to spare and whatever you are capable of assisting with. There will be a list of tasks that need attention on the wall in front of the sign in book for those willing and able to assist.

NooElec and have picked the winners of their June 2017 SDR Receiver Giveaway. Among the ten world-wide winners is Westlakes member, George Vielhauer VK2NGA.
What was the prize? A NooElec NESDR SMArTee XTR Bundle - Premium RTL-SDR with Extended Tuning Range, Aluminium Enclosure, Bias Tee, 0.5PPM TCXO, SMA Input for 3 Antennas. This Premium RTL-SDR bundle includes NESDR SMArTee XTR in a beautiful brushed aluminium enclosure, re-designed antenna base with 2metres of RG-58 feed cable, and 3 antenna masts. Fabricated by NooElec in the USA and Canada!
Thanks to Dennis VK2XDW for spotting this item

Last December we announced a club project to build the Globespan receiver.
This project was the brain-child of Dennis VK2XDW.
Progress has been made of a sort. Two kits have been assembled one by Dennis and the other by Norm VK2KNC and they work of a sort. Consider the Globespan as a work in progress. The PCB's have arrived and are in the Westlakes Store as are all the kit parts. Another month or so and there could be some good news of a sort. It is anticipated the kits may be ready for Christmas.....or the one after.

Since changing frequency to 80 metres Ö 3.565 MHz Ö instead of the non performing 40 metres at 9:30am, we are averaging 10 or more check-inís on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. It makes a huge difference to not have to strain to hear other stations. So if you are enjoying your morning coffee still dressed in your PJís, We donítí care Ö Join in and brighten your day.

For a big kick, come to Westlakes Ninth Car Boot Sale in the club grounds at Teralba.
Anyone can be a seller. Anything can be sold. Pot plants, tools, tea sets, rubber boots - even radio gear has occasionally turned up.
It is an absolutely free event for all. There is no charge for sellers, buyers, or lookers. What will be available is lunch from the Westlakes barbecue and drinks at bargain prices. It all gets underway at 9 am on Saturday 15 July.

A wedge-tailed eagle has attacked and badly damaged a drone flying over farm machinery in Western Australia. Leigh Nairn was using the drone to check the set-up of his airseeder when the eagle swooped and knocked the unmanned aerial vehicle out of the sky. The farmer from Binnu, north of Geraldton, said the bird grabbed the drone with its talons.
"It was probably all but one or two seconds. The next thing I saw was my drone tumbling to the earth." He said the drone camera was damaged and a propeller was knocked off. He was concerned the eagle would carry the drone away.

Members are encouraged to maintain vehicle security, particularly when attending outside of the normal Saturdays. Our neighbor had one of his vehicles stolen recently by some well known to Police car thieves, whilst out driving around the bush he was met by his stolen vehicle albeit with a fresh paintjob but even after following it back to a known illegal car operation and waiting there for police nothing has happened, so obviously the priority for all of us is prevention rather than recovery.

There has been a high level of health issues of late, with several members having some rather nasty problems. Some are on the mend, some weíre not sure and one has beaten the big C and been declared all clear! Our thoughts and warmest wishes go out to members doing it tough at the moment. No need for names, but we need to realize that things may not always be as they seem with our fellow members, always keep an eye out and try and be mindful of otherís and their wellbeing, and if feeling a tad poorly, donít be shy in visiting the local Doctor for a once over. None of us are immortal, no matter what we might tell you!

Foundations of Amateur Radio

You know you've been at something for a while if you come across a topic that you want to dig into and discover that you already covered it in great detail a year ago. For me that topic was the "FM capture effect", which I covered in great detail a while back - the research says: "This happens, we know it happens, it happens under these circumstances, but precisely how, we're not sure."

I finished off with a quote by Arthur C. Clarke who wrote in 1973: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- by that definition, Amateur Radio and the "FM capture effect" is clearly magic.

For me Amateur Radio is about the constant quest of learning, the ongoing pursuit of explanation and understanding, the relentless curiosity that burns a hole in my mind waiting to get filled with information and knowledge about anything and everything.

In that same environment I am the holder of the beginner's license in Amateur Radio and that is the cause for some members of our community to scoff at my skills, to demand that I upgrade, to ridicule the level of licence that I hold and to brandish their higher level certificate of proficiency as a weapon against my meagre understanding of this hobby.

How is it possible that this irrational belief that one license is more valid than another can exist in a world where something as basic as the "FM capture effect" is not understood, not documented, not explained and not taught to those holding the summit of knowledge, the highest level of Amateur License?

I've been a student all my life and truth be told, that's true for most people I meet. There are a few people who know everything already, but the rest of us are able to understand that learning is a continual process. The level of license you hold has nothing to do with your ability to learn, your ability to understand or your ability to be a higher class of human.

A high level license is a privilege to incur a higher level of responsibility and acknowledgement that at some level you're able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Clearly for some it's the ultimate expression of their superiority, but for the rest of us it's a token that affords us extra access to radio spectrum and technologies.

One reason I'm raising this is because if you're a new entrant to our hobby, you might be confronted by Amateurs who demand that you update your license at their insistence, rather than your interest, which can lead to you leaving our community which is a regrettable and undesirable outcome.

Another reason I'm raising this is because there are many things in Amateur Radio like the "FM capture effect", phenomenon we know happen, but have little understanding about. These things have implications far beyond our hobby. For example, the mobile phone in your pocket, or the laptop on your knees or the wireless headphones on your head, all use technologies that are subject to the "FM capture effect" and understanding and research in our hobby can and will help the wider community.

So, don't let your lowly license deter you from learning, from participating, from being curious and researching things that interest you. Who knows, one day you'll add to the body of knowledge that we call Amateur Radio and we'll all be better off.

I'm Onno VK6FLAB

Well thatís all the news from Westlakes that I have for this week.






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