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WARC News 15-9-2019

With the number of cars making the car park at the Club yesterday, look rather like a used car lot, one could have been forgiven for thinking were requiring an L.M.V.D. licence. Part of the blame must go to John EV and his cohorts for running such popular classes, People are queuing up to gain a semblance of sense about our fascinating hobby. Keep up the good work John.

Yesterday was the all-important meeting day and was started off at 1100hrs with the committee meeting. Stephen and Ike arrived and it appeared Ike was still in bludge mode, with a wandering eye for any tempting morsels that might have been around.

Maurie CD scored an early mark from his air conditioner installations as it has been decided to defer the installation/replacement of the air-con in the Shack to a later date owing to the classes being undertaken next door.

After the Committee Meeting it was time for lunch in the form of the traditional Sausage Sanger, provided by the culinary skills of Ian FIAN, who showed his prowess and abilities in handling the tongs. Unfortunately he was pretty quickly reminded by those present that he had forgotten the onions. Such a misdemeanour is apparently a cardinal sin at Westlakes. It appears that one needs to know their onions to become an amateur. Hi hi.

Even Dave RD finally got his act together and remembered to find his way to the club, after telling everyone on the Ezybee yesterday morning that it was Saturday the 15th September. Mind you Dave wasn’t the only one confused, as while he was sitting dining on his sandwich, he decided he would like to share it with the local mascot, the magpie. Even it didn’t know what day it was either, because it failed to show up at all.

It was also reported that something had died in the ceiling of the Club Rooms after eating several doses of rat baits. How do we know this? Have a wander around the premises when you next visit and the reason will become apparent.

Our two visitors last week who in turn joined up as members, spent yesterday morning in the Shack, getting to grips with one of the radios. It would appear that their next investment is to be a 7300. It’s hoped that they can fire up their old Realistic scanner, so they can hear us talk about them on this media.

After the social niceties of lunch, it was time for a quick clean-up and onto the meeting which started wee bit later than normal. This was of course after Ike had demolished his obligatory sausage. One of the happier moments during the meeting, was the formalisation of the Philip and Suzanne’s application for membership to the club. Having paid their dues, it was pretty much “Job done!”

Philip and Suzanne’s mode of transport has intrigued a few, that being an Indian motor cycle. One thinks they will be good mates with Herb ZVF, and the “I’ve Been Everywhere Man.” himself, Les LT.

Congrats and welcome to the club. Just to show that joining Westlakes means working for Westlakes Suzanne was asked to draw the Meat Raffle, as last week’s winner Gloria had left us in the lurch and decided to go home to Parkes. The illusive Meat Tray went home under the arm of Alex ZM.

Now to coming events.

Saturday 12th October – our October general meeting day.

Sunday 13th October the infamous Westlakes Field Day with barbeques, raffles, car boot sale, auction, heaps of comradery and I said raffles didn’t I? A special note here about this year’s Radio Raffle. It will be drawn at the Field Day at 1300hrs. If you haven’t got your tickets in, there is only four weeks and 3 hours and 50 minutes left. (at the time of reading this on air.)
Sunday 24th November Christmas Party to be held at the Cardiff R S L with an all you can eat Lunch time buffet. Those wishing to attend need to notify the Treasurer, and pay the $20.00 per head. If more convenient, just do a direct deposit into our bank account stating the word Christmas and your callsign. There will also be a lucky door prize, and no it’s not a Meat Tray and it will be “Free.” All you have to do is be there having previously paid your $20.00 of course.

And finally from the Reminder Department, don’t forget to scour your properties for any paraphernalia that would gain a dollar or two for the club in the upcoming Field Day Auction. This year Dave RD has agreed to be the Auctioneer again, but will need the odd runner to help locate the odd sixpence he keeps looking for. That’s the problem with doing such a great job last year. We just keep asking.





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