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WARC News Broadcast Sunday 12-8-2018

We start this week with a word from our President.

The Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Committee and General meetings were held yesterday. Yes members, they are held every month on the second Saturday of the month and all are welcome. Yummy snacks are supplied to all members after the meeting. All we request is a gold coin donation.

The meetings were again well attended. Major discussion points and outcomes included:

We had another new member sign up on the day, David Eye - welcome to the club David

Lake Macquarie City Council provided information on electricity rates they have been able to negotiate with Energy Australia and has offered these rates to us - the committee will check these rates against those on our current contract and will make a decision on future action if appropriate

Allan VK2JED received a number of offers to man the desk for the RD contest this year. We thank Alan for arranging this year’s activity and Ken VK2UTC for his work in the shack getting it ready for these types of activities

Ken also spent a considerable amount of time sorting, cleaning and testing the cache of equipment received from Bill Hall VK2XT’s estate and has prepared a list of those items that will be put up for tender. This will appear in the September Magazine (and a copy is on the noticeboard at the club)

Treasurer Lloyd VK2XAA reported on the list of ideas received from members in the funding methods workshop which will be reviewed by the committee before being presented to club members

Lloyd and John VK2AXU advised the meeting that John had arranged for the repair and sale of the club’s analyser - the funds obtained from the sale will be used for the upgrade of equipment in the Activities Room

Penny Smith advised that she will be retiring from her role in the club canteen at the end of the year - all club members agreed that Penny had done a fantastic job over the past few years (around 32 years actually) and she will be sorely missed

I was able to update members on my discussions with Peter Sturt on the future of the 2m repeater (146.775 MHz) - Peter advised that hopefully the repeater will be operational again in the next few weeks - considerable discussion ensued on possible future strategies for the WARC repeater

I reiterated that I will be giving a presentation next week on ‘Developments in High Voltage Plant Electrical Testing’ at the club at 1300 hrs - Lloyd VK2XAA will begin presentations on ‘Basics of Electronics’ from next month - all members are asked to consider sharing their experience with other members in future presentations

Members agreed that an Arduino Corner should be set up in the activity room as a home to Arduino projects and training - cupboards are also to be built in the room to secure such equipment.

73’s Barry VK2FIN

Well the weather-man was overly kind to us yesterday. It was warm outside and the air-conditioners did not need to be over worked. Greg VK2POP advised that his new fan dipole was now up and running, but don’t look for him on 80 metres as it only goes up to 40. Michael VK2CCW was in the Meeting Room early working on his CW lessons. Ken VK2UTC was in the Shack giving it a final going over in readiness for the RD Contest. One has to say that the presentation of the Shack was nothing short of immaculate. After the General Meeting the all-important raffle was drawn with Greg VK2POP pulling out his own ticket. As he won it last week he performed a redraw and the eventual winner was Geoff VK2GL. His first in 17 years. Congratulations Geoff.
After the raffle draw a rerun of the 4 minute mile took place (which took 3 minutes) towards afternoon tea. Even Ike was keen on all the smells of sausages and other comestibles.

After grub steaks it was time to stand around and natter for most of us while Marcel CK2CEL, Allan VK2JED and Barrie VK2QG busied themselves in front of a microphone chasing contacts for the RD Contest. It was great to see the Shack humming like a well oiled machine.

When is a pink slip not a pink slip? Regos and all things pink were the topic on Monday morning, with Dave VK2RD saying there was no such thing as a “pink slip” anymore. It was also good to see some of that liquid dust from above, otherwise known as rain, albeit there was nowhere near enough.

Greg VK2CW had already been up and out for his 0700hrs coffee hit, but was told by someone that as he procures a few more years under the belt it’s a lot nicer to stay in bed at that hour of the morning.

Dave was telling of the joys of attempting to put a circlip onto a piston on his boat motor only to have the circlip fly off to parts unknown. It’s a bit like that pesky screw that we have all dropped in our shed at some time or other. It’s amazing how the screw we drop is made of rubber because when it hits the deck it bounces off to parts unknown, you replace it, then you find it a couple of weeks later when you are not looking for it, and of course who gets the blame? That little Irishman we all know so well.

On Wednesday we stayed with the motorised theme by changing from pink slips to those square things called tyres, the ones that had a flat spot in them if they were still cold. The merits of the reliability of re-treads got a going over with everyone having their tuppence worth.

Also it was good to hear Col VK2YP sounding better than he has been for weeks.

Meanwhile down at the Club Rooms, Glenn VK2GST splashed some more paint around the place, but he was careful to stay clear of Dave VK2RD who was in the shack helping to set up for the RD contest by updating the computers. Ken VK2UTC and Barry VK2FIN fitted the voice module to the TS-2000 while Jeff VK2MCD continued sorting through the donated books in the Common Room.

On Friday, out of left field came “Who goes to a Dry Cleaners these days?” Brenda VK2FWCB was commended for her marmalade efforts, and stated that if we gave her a couple of weeks warning, she would have some ready for the Field Day, at which point she was immediately given a two month warning. Many thanks Brenda. The radio belonging to Alex VK2ZM decided to go for a frequency wander during his over. Baofeng radios got a bit of a mention with a few of us having played with these things over time.

While talking of Baofengs, Have a look at “” or “” You will find some interesting articles relating to these toys.

Also talked about was the merits of different types of cable ties, albeit plastic, Velcro or even stainless steel. It appears the cable tie is used to hold up a few antenna poles.

Later on all hell let loose when Greg VK2CW attempted to close the net, when this voice from the North up near Bulahdelah comes up with “What about me?”

Poor old Steve VK2NCS was forgotten and left out in the cold. He was told that he could have a double turn next time.

Now here’s an idea. Have you ever wished that we never aged or that time could stand still? There are two places on our planet that this could be so. These are the North and South Poles and they are the only two places on earth of “perpetual youth” where you can never age and clocks have no meaning. We can see an exodus occurring already.

These poles are funny places. As well as having no time, they only have one direction. If you stand at the North Pole, no matter which direction you turn, you will always face south and you can only take a step south. But take one step south and time starts and north, east and west appear.

The reason is that time zones are determined by lines of longitude and that all falls apart at either pole where all the longitudinal lines meet.

In reality both the North and South use UTC time taken from Moscow, Russia for the North and Christchurch, New Zealand for the South.

So if you are sick and tired of all those birthdays catching up on you, a simple locational move will fix the problem.

Finally “What’s on & when?”
Lecture on Electrical Testing by VK2FIN Sat 18th August
General Meeting Day – Club Rooms Sat 8th September
Last day for tendered equipment 1300hrs Sat 22nd September
Meeting of Finance Sub-Committee Sat 22nd September
ARNSW Trash & Treasure sale – Dural Sun 23rd September
Westlakes ARC Field Day – Teralba Sun 28th October
Xmas Party – all B Y O – Teralba Sat 15th December
The items listed fort tender are on the notice board or will be in next month’s magazine.

And something to ponder. The world is run by those who turn up.

This is the news we have for you this week. 73.





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