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The Westlakes Weekly Broadcast.

The Westlakes news broadcast is transmitted 
every Sunday at 9am on 2 meters at 146.900 MHz
(the Hunter Radio Group's Repeater)


WARC News Broadcast Sunday 17-6-2018 ...

Yesterday saw a relatively sedate get together at the Club with the weather, while starting out cold becoming a nice sunny day, the sun being enjoyed by quite a few. Stephen together with Ike in tow took off up to the Shack to re-acquaint himself with the IC-7300. Greg VK2POP gave Stephen some tuition on the workings of the radio while Ike continued his search for that ever illusive crumb on the floor.

Up in the Meeting Room things were taking a different turn with Greg VK2CW showing off part of his collection of money box clowns that he use to collect.

In the Activities Room there was a discussion taking place probably on future plans for projects for members.

The meat tray raffle was drawn at the appointed time with the bacon going home with Michael VK2CCW. Something to munch on when he doing his CW school. Congratulations Michael and enjoy. We know you don’t need lessons on cooking it.

As far as we can recall last Monday was a Public Holiday. A fact which became less obvious as the calls to join Monday’s net raced in. Seventeen stations were on board to keep Geoff VK2GW company for the morning. It was great to hear Gerard VK2JNG, although he was not at his normal abode in Bligh Park He was transmitting from his caravan in Geurie just outside of Dubbo running QRP on 10 watts. He was putting in a great signal to this neck of the woods.

Col VK2YP was complaining that he was surrounded by puddles and that the pool fence was now known as the puddle fence.

Ken VK2UTC was heard with a beautiful crisp clear signal only to be told by his neighbour Fred VK2YF to turn it down. It sounds like the peddle power slipped up a cog. As Ken’s audio was nice and clean he was given the advice that Herb VK2ZVF gets most Saturday mornings on the EZB Net. “Leave it alone – Don’t touch it. Most of you will recall that the weather has not been that great and Monday was no exception. So one can imagine the thoughts of everybody when George VK2BGU came up and said “The weather here in Sydney is great, the sun is shining, and it’s not raining. Thanks George. We needed that. Conversely someone up this way reckoned that even the ducks were starting to protest.

Wednesday wasn’t much good with everyone complaining that the bands were noisy, which became an idea of a rewrite of an ad campaign of a major grocery chain, as in “Down Down the signals are down.” There again our hobby is called Amateur Radio. It’s where we make the most of what we have. We can get a piece of wire, slap a tuner on the end of it and make it work. As we heard a couple of weeks back, we can tune up a rubbish bin, even a Ping Pong Ball, and yet we still make noises about the atmospheric conditions we are forced to work with. What we have got is all we have got. So let’s make the most of what we have and just make it work.

On Wednesday work at the Club Rooms was more successful than contacting on the air with Ken VK2UTC doing some extension power cord work in the Activities Room with Glenn painting the back corridor and kitchen area. It transpired that during this process the painter took unscrewed the door handle from the door of the Lecture Room while prepping the door for painting, and put the screws together with the handle on the floor underneath. Painting done he went home forgetting the handle. Problem was that anyone meandering down that end of the corridor yesterday had to keep a watch out for a couple of loose screws. Not really a problem for most of us, as it is pretty much what we do when going to the Club on a Saturday.

On Friday we were greeted with a birthday greeting of sorts as Greg VK2CW informed us that it was the fifth birthday for the morning HF net. The question was raised “What did we ever do before the days of computers? Ken VK2UTC had spent some time going through old callsigns and seeing where they were now, only to find that it was one of Greg’s hobbies too. Greg went on to talk about a Fergusson mains muffler that he ‘acquired’ when he gave up working. (And no it doesn’t go on a tractor).

Glenn VK2GST aka the painter stated that there was definitely no truth in the rumour that the kitchen door in the Club Rooms had been painted shut, thereby leaving the only access for the sausage roll brigade, to be the servery hatch. Now wouldn’t that be a good look for some? No names mentioned of course.

By the way don’t forget next week with the talk on S. D. R. BY John VK2ASU.

A few weeks ago you will recall we spoke of the Westlakes Cook Book. Well in a 1988 club newsletter was the following under the title of SUPER SALESMAN. The club has finally sold the last of the “AXZ COOKBOOK” The remaining six were purchased by the author himself Les VK2AXZ. The cookbooks have been an excellent money raiser for the club and the recipes aren’t bad either. The amazing thing is that Les has personally sold 300 cookbooks on behalf of Westlakes.

Now just for a slight bit of difference. Spotted on the internet the other day was this little gem. Did you know that the world’s oldest computer was noted in biblical days? Yes it can be traced back to Adam and Eve. We know it as the apple. It had a very limited memory. Just one byte in fact. Then everything crashed. What chance did S. D. R. have?

Now for today’s pondering. Success is rooted in vision. Always affirm that you will succeed.

This is the news we have for you this week. 73.





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