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The Westlakes Weekly Broadcast.

The Westlakes news broadcast is transmitted 
every Sunday at 9am on 2 meters at 146.900 MHz

Please note that the VK2RTZ Repeater is now for almost
6 months OFF air.
As the club does not own the repeater
we are NOT sure when it will be again operational.
but this is now the third time in 3 years that it is not on air

for a prolonged time.




WARC News Broadcast Sunday 20-5-2018

Winter showed its hand again yesterday with that cold nip in the air making it pretty uncomfortable for anyone wanting to take their place on the seat of knowledge. The best place to be was in the Meeting Room with the air conditioner doing its job. One of our new Foundation Licensees advised us of his new call sign, so when you next check out the bands, keep an ear out for Tony VK2FTRA.

The Shack had had the photo of an IC-7300 replaced by the real thing. A new 7300 had taken up residence and was fully operational, thanks to the efforts of Ken VK2UTC.

At 1300hrs in the Meeting Room John VK2EV gave a talk on the latest project he had been playing with; that being a UBITX Transceiver QRP kitset. Anyone wanting any further information on one of these units just Google UBITX, or better still talk to John. You’ll find him at the Club Rooms most Saturdays. After the demonstration the raffle was drawn with the bacon last seen under the arm of Norm VK2KNC. A barbeque coming up in East Maitland I fear. Congratulations Norrm.

Monday on the airwaves found Dave VK2RD on a different radio as he had dusted off his IC-7000 and replaced the Yaesu that was giving him trouble. His only fear was that he couldn’t remember what all the knobs and / or buttons were for because he had misplaced the manual. One has to spare a thought for Lou VK2NZ who during his first over started transmitting a horrible noise. It was suggested that he check his power supply, and it was mooted by one of those on air that the power supply had gone out to lunch. Judging by his second over, it didn’t make it back in time for dinner either.

Monday night on 3.650MHz had only two on air. So put in your diaries Monday night at 2000hrs on 3.650MHz.

Wednesday saw Dave having problems with his 7000 as he was still trying to get to the bottom of his problems. George VK2BGU was all happy with his new garden makeover as he had someone come in on Tuesday to give him a hand to get it up to scratch. While this was all happening Ken VK2UTC was down at the Club Rooms installing the Shack’s latest toy. With the new IC-7300 up and running.

On Friday we heard a new callsign come up on the net namely VK2FWCB. Welcome to the bands Brenda and congratulations again on your achievements. Also Lou was heard well as he must have fixed up his power supply issues. Alan VK2XAL was all happy about his recent eye surgery and went on to describe what he saw in the mirror when the bandages were off (which he described as rather ugly). Alan we could have told you all that without the use of a mirror.

In conclusion. For today’s ponderings. You have never done anything in life if you have never made a mistake.

This is the news we have for you this week. 73.





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