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News Broadcast 26-3-2017

Well again the car park was full of happy members, ready to find a comfortable seat to sit and have a chat..
BUT! Seating was at a premium, as only the common room was partially available and outside on the bench of knowledge still had a few spaces…

The reason for the shortage of seating was the refurbishment of the Library room.
Glen, VK2VAE and Luke,VK2LGW took on the task of removing the old carpet and underlay and stripping the walls ready to paint. Well they did not quite finish it off- ready for yesterday’s opening but we made do with temporary seating.

The walls have been painted and 90 percent of the Carpet tiles have been laid. They took yesterday off for a rest. The two of them have been non-stop Since Wednesday. Great job well done guy’s and a grateful thanks from all members.

Good to see Allan VK1AL arriving at the club yesterday. Al is renovating an older Family Home at Fishing Point and escapes to the club to spend a few hours. Good to catch up Al…

There is a large fancy cabinet in the Common room taking up some room. If you need a good looking piece of furniture for your shack then
Hitch your trailer on and come and take it away for “FREE)! There is also a large wooden Cabinet as well… also FREE...

A SIGNAL LINK Digital interface has been donated to the club to enable us to us the Digital modes that are currently popular. We will advise when this is all set up and if you wish to have a go at Digital modes then you can come to the club and try it for yourself….

A discussion took place later in the afternoon as to what we can do to provide a better News Cast. Quite a few ideas were put forward by the 4 members present and these may be trialled in coming months.

Next Saturday will see the Annual Car Boot Sale held at the Clubhouse, York Street TERALBA Come along, Bring anything you wish to get rid of and possibly pick up that rare part you have been looking for. A Bar-B-QUE / sausage sizzle, will be available from around 10:00am. Rain, Hail or shine it will be on.
Our Store is bursting at the seams with so much stuff becoming available due to items left to Westlakes.. If you need any parts, then see Ally in the store. He will be so glad to see you…
Yes… We have to report it.. The Meat tray was once more well subscribed, with Barrie, VK2QG doing the collecting in the absence of Lloyd VK2XXA who was crook in the Tummy. It went to a good home, with Geoff, VK2YGA taking home the Bacon… So to speak!

The monthly Magazine will be sent out early next week as Greg will be away and also there will be the inclusion of a nomination form to cover the upcoming AGM. Please nominate a member for Committee or the Executive to steer your club for the next 12 months. If you wish to nominate a person then that person has to agree on the nomination.

Foundations of Amateur Radio

A phrase I hear regularly is "life's too short for QRP" and today I think that it's appropriate to start a conversation about that sentiment. When propagation is poor the high-power amplifiers get on air and use it to prove that you need power to get out and about.

Far be it for me to deny another amateur the pleasure of working a thousand stations at the same time, a so-called pile-up. It's a thrill. I've done it during contests. It's fun. You call CQ and the biggest problem you're faced with is deciding on which station to pick.

In the past I've mentioned that I've made a contact with Cuba, about 18,000 km away using 5 Watts. Over the weekend I managed just under a third of the distance, Perth to Tuvalu, 7,000 km with a wire and 5 Watts. You could take away from this that I like bragging about my contacts and it's true that I'm proud of having achieved those things, but that's not actually what I want to talk about.

Amateur Radio is a lot like fishing. You can go out and throw a stick of dynamite into a pond and pull out all the fish, or you can stand up to your armpits with a reel in your hand casting a fly to catch a fish. Operating QRP is like fly-fishing. It takes practice, patience and perseverance. Of course it's not for everybody, but then neither is fly-fishing.

If you hold an introductory Amateur Radio license like I do, the rules of engagement restrict how much power you're allowed to use. For some this restriction appears to inhibit their ability to enjoy the hobby. This podcast started life some six years ago precisely because a new entrant was expressing their need for more power.

My contact over the weekend wasn't particularly earth shattering. It was made with a minimum of equipment, a wire antenna on a squid-pole strapped to a house, simple radio, running off a battery in preparation for a contest that was happening the next day. The thing to note is that it happened on 40m, using 5 Watts and the distance was twice the maximum distance within my own country.

This means that any amateur who is starting out can achieve the same thing. It means that you might need to review your assumptions if you think of a 4,000km distance between stations as a hurdle that cannot be overcome.

The take-away should be that while QRP is not for everyone, it's a perfectly valid way of enjoying the hobby and smelling the roses along the way.

In case you're wondering, yes, I was wearing a grin from ear to ear after making my contact. Better still, I didn't have to kiss any fish.

I'm Onno VK6FLAB


Well that’s all the news from Westlakes that I have for this week.







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