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News Broadcast 23-4-2017

A busy day again saw quite an attendance at the club yesterday. There has been an influx of spare parts which has kept Secretary Jeff quite busy over the past few weeks.
Most of the equipment has been stored in the activity room and will take some sorting. Can certainly seeing Ally’s hair turning grey.. hi! This makes a good start for our yearly auction in September.

Speaking of auctions etcetera…. Another car boot sale is in the planning stage for the 17th July. We have had many enquiries regarding another sale that we feel, “Why Not”! So, start digging out those excess unwanted bits in the shed.

Another 2 items arrived yesterday to go toward the upgrade to the club rooms. Firstly a large wall mount bracket assembly was donated by Greg VK2POP to mount the new Television come Monitor in the new lecture room and secondly, The new Bar Fridge was picked up by Jeff when he was in town. Looks good although it doesn’t seem natural to have a black fridge, now if we can just get the milk from the table to the fridge, maybe.. It has already been unpacked and is running well. Thanks guys. Please Note: the new fridge is located in the common room to house the cartons of milk for coffee etc. It is beside the coffee/tea making desk so make sure you put the milk away.. No excuses…

The committee met yesterday to discuss the coffee cup saga and following up relevant information regarding health issues. It was therefore decided to rescind all past motions pertaining to the use of the coffee making facilities. If you do bring your own mug, please put your name on it and do not leave them laying around….

All nominations for the executive and committee have been submitted and the nomination period closed at 1pm Saturday. All nominees are listed near the sign in book. Don’t forget the AGM will be held on May 13th, your attendance would be appreciated.

It is highly recommended that everyone reacquaints themselves with the Club website as Luke VK2LGW has made more improvements and added yet more resources. Check it out and let Luke know what you think of it, keeping websites up to date is no doubt a challenge but thanks to Luke ours keeps on improving.

Jeff and John have the current foundation class underway, Richard VK2FRKO won the meat tray and sad to say… The Swans went down to BWS… Sorry Greg..

The first order for Club caps and shirts will be submitted early this coming week, any last minute requests please let the secretary know asap. Orders and enquiries can be sent to the club secretary or contact him on the Club Phone number outside of club hours.

Yesterday was also International Marconi day to celebrate the birthday of Marconi, some special callsigns where on air for this occasion. In Australia it was the Hornsby Amateur radio Club using the special callsign VK2IMD. Thanks to Ken who last night alerted listeners on the Repeater that he was on air and conditions where excellent. Some of our members took notice of this alert and went to 7.141 MHz where VK2IMD was calling CQ, the time I was listening contact was made by Paul, VK2PBL, Richard, VK2FRKO, Dave, VK2RD and Luke, VK2LGW. Thanks Ken.

The first Australian-built satellites in 15 years have been launched into space by NASA, after being developed by Australian universities One of the miniaturised satellites was built over four years by about 50 University of Adelaide staff and students.
Paul, ex, VK5 F P A U, who now lives in the USA, and sent us this story says it is one of three "nano satellites" developed in Australia as part of a research project involving Australian universities under the European-funded project, QB50, an international network of 50 CubeSats. Lifting off from Cape Canaveral on Wednesday they are part of the initial 28-satellite strong QB50 mission of CubeSats involving 27 countries. They will play a key role in investigating the thermosphere, a layer of atmosphere from about 95 kilometres to 500 kilometres from the Earth's surface with the aim of increasing understanding of climate and weather modelling. Australian universities in Sydney, Canberra as well as South Australia had their satellites rocketed for deployment from the International Space Station and should be deployed in May and June.

Foundations of Amateur Radio

There is something magical about getting a new radio. I remember it well. Fondly even. I had done the research, consulted my bank account and picked my radio. It arrived in a courier delivery and I sat at the kitchen table, opening the box and marvelling at the parts that made up my first purchase as a radio amateur.

I'd joined my local radio club a month earlier and proud as punch I took my shiny new box of joy to the club and showed it off to anyone who came near. I vividly remember one member's first comment: "Wow, that's an ugly radio!"

I was heart broken, insulted, confused and didn't quite know what to do with that experience. My radio was beautiful, tiny, special. It was just what I wanted, it wasn't ugly and besides, it was mine. As irony would have it, several months later I saw their radio and thought that it wasn't something that I would like to bring home.

Fast forward six years.

The other week, I went to a local Ham-fest, it's a place, often a local hall with tables around the edges stacked full of an amazing array of stuff, where amateurs come together to meet and exchange their obsolete junk, uh, surplus equipment. It's not uncommon to arrive at a Ham-fest with one box and to leave with two.

Among the tables and amateurs I was introduced to a new radio. I looked at it and in my head I thought: "Wow, that's an ugly radio!" - fortunately I managed to keep the thought to myself and instead asked the amateur who was showing it off about how it worked, how they liked it and what it cost. The amateur was excited to share their thoughts and I learned something from the exchange.

When I got home I searched the 'net for some more information and found that this particular radio was more than it appeared and that my initial dislike of the visual translated into an interest that might yet see me as the owner of that radio.

I know you're busting to ask which radio and which amateur, but I'm not here to advertise any particular radio, just to observe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that things can change once you know more.

I wish I had those words to share with the first person who told me that I had an ugly radio, but I'm pleased that I have them now.

So, beware, ugliness is an emotion, not always accurate and if you experience it, bite your tongue and learn something first.

I'm Onno VK6FLAB


Well that’s all the news from Westlakes that I have for this week.







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