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WARC News   10-3-2019

Firstly we start with a note or two from our President.

Yesterday was a big day at the club – with the Special General Meeting
to approve amendments to the club’s Constitution, the monthly general
meeting and a management committee meeting which were all held.
The Special General Meeting resulted in the five motions put forward for
change to the Constitution being carried. These changes were needed
to realign the club’s constitution with Fair-trading’s model constitution.
The club’s Constitution will now be amended and sent to Fair-trading for

The General Meeting was well attended. We had two visitors to the
meeting this month with Trevor Smith, VK2ECU and Keith Turk VK2PKT
attending. Keith’s wife Gloria was also at the club but had the sense not
to join us in the meeting room. The meeting thanked Keith for the box of
bits and pieces donated to the club.

Various items were covered in the General Meeting from the need for
new air conditioners in the activity room and the radio shack to progress
on the re-erection of the log periodic dipole and the loop antenna
through to the electrical work and security upgrades needed at the club.
Our secretary also updated the committee on various maintenance
activities around the club.
As Jeremy VK2LDX, our new treasurer has found that the treasurer’s
role is quite time consuming, together with other pursuits he wishes to
catch up on again, one of those being an upgrade, he will not be able to
prepare and deliver the weekly Sunday broadcast after today. I ask
members to consider offering to prepare and/ or deliver the weekly
broadcast. The more volunteers we get the lower the burden on

Members are reminded that nominations will soon be open for positions
on the club’s management committee. All positions are available. This is
a great opportunity for YOU to contribute to the future direction of YOUR
73’s, Barry VK2FIN.

Yesterday at the club there was that certain smell in the air as the
Committee had their 1100hrs get together. It was the smell of Barry
VK2BZ (I don’t mean Barry himself), but the unmistakable smell of the
barbeque being fired up as Barry played Chef da Cuisine in getting the
snags to eating temperature. He ensured that the inner man in all of us
was full, fed and satisfied, and even the dog in us as Ike quickly
dispensed of a couple of sausages that had hit the deck in the process.

While talking of Ike, someone was game to come into the Meeting Room
with a sausage in his hand. It turned out to be more than a dog could
bare because Ike was determined that he had just spied another course
on his luncheon menu.

As has been expressed earlier, it was a busy day for some at the club,
with no less than three meetings to partake in. One has to say that all
three meetings went off without a hitch and Westlakes had a very fruitful

Someone else who had a fruitful day was the winner of our Meat Tray
Raffle. The lucky recipient who got to take home the bacon was none
other than Herb VK2ZVF who was no doubt happy to fill the freezer with
some goodies after his recent trip to Tasmania and coming home to a
food empty house. Congratulations Herb and Enjoy!

Now we look at a bit on early amateur radio operators who were mainly
hobbyists, but there was a sense of discovery during the infancy of radio
that provided something more. Radio was the new thing, comparable to
what computers mean to technological whizzes in the 1980s. And like
the computer hobbyists of today who are writing their own programs and
building their own equipment, amateur radio operators in the 1920s were
contributing to the knowledge of practical aspects of radio art.

One person caught up in the excitement of radio was Arthur Andrew
Collins. Born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, on September 9, 1909, Collins
moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at an early age when his father, Merle (or
M.H. as he preferred to see it written), established The Collins Farms
Company there.
With the Collins Farms Company, M.H. Collins brought new ideas to the
stoic profession of farming. The elder Collins reasoned that the efforts of
scientists and engineers could do for farming what they did for nearly
every other industry in America.

“Why not manufacture food for the American consumer as cheaply as
motor cars and radios are manufactured?” M.H. asked in a publication
which explained his new ideas. “Why not produce food on a large scale
by intensive farming methods in Iowa, where high yields could be
obtained and at a low cost?”

The primary object of the farm company was to produce grain at low
cost. M.H. Collins felt that too many farmers mixed grain production with
livestock raising, and as a result, both were unprofitable.

Arthur A. Collins, founder of Collins Radio Company, has been called a
rare man of greatness, a complex but shy person, who continually has
his sights not on the epicentre, but beyond the horizon of technology.

He broke barriers of conventional knowledge and made routine a pattern
of scientific advancement. For him and the company he founded and
directed for 40 years, work brought many personal rewards, but it was
the technical breakthrough and total utilization of technology which
provided the greatest motivation.

Collins attended Cedar Rapids public schools, Amherst College in
Amherst, Massachusetts in 1927, Coe College in Cedar Rapids for
special courses, and the University of Iowa for advanced studies in

He received an honorary doctor of science degree from Coe College in
1954, an honorary doctorate from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn in
1968, an honorary doctor of engineering degree from Southern
Methodist University in 1970, and an honorary doctor of science degree
from Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids in 1974.

From 1945 through 1951, Mr. Collins served as a director of Coe
College. He was a director of the Graduate Research Centre of the
Southwest, Dallas, from 1962 to 1969, and served on the board of
directors of the Herbert Hoover Foundation.

He was a member of the International Sponsors Committee of the
Robert Hutchings Goddard Library Program, Clark University, and
Worcester, Massachusetts.

Mr. Collins belongs to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers,
the Navy League of the United States, the American Ordnance
Association, the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics

Association, and was a member of the Cedar Valley Amateur Radio

He received the Secretary of the Navy's Distinguished Public Service
Award Citation in 1962, the Iowa Broadcasters Association
Distinguished Service Award in 1966, was elected to the National
Academy of Engineering in 1968, and received the Armed Forces
Communications and Electronics Association's David Sarnoff Award in
1979, and the Electronics Industries Association's Medal of Honour in

After leaving Collins Radio in 1972, he formed a new firm, Arthur A.
Collins, Inc., based in Dallas, to carry out systems engineering studies in
the communications and computer fields.

He was married to Mary Margaret (Meis), and was formerly married to
Margaret Van Dyke, who died in 1955. He is survived by four children.

On the airwaves this started on Monday with Dave VK2RD thanking all
those who helped his birthday go so well last weekend. Dan VK2GG
talked about the wars he was in particularly when it came to dropping
battery on his foot, although after closer examination it became clear
that battery was OK, albeit the same can’t be said for his foot.

Glenn VK2GST wanted some advice on polishing a bulbar, and we were
all somewhat enlightened by the fact that Geoff VK2GW use to do it for a

Dave also told us of his 9 year old grandson who will be flying a cassena
(which took place yesterday). Geoff quickly replied with fact that his feet
have never left the ground, and prefers good old terra firma. In his
words, the firmer the footing underneath, the less terror he has to go

Ken VK2UTC was looking on line for 23cm antennas, and it was
suggested that we google on U-tube “Wyong 2019 Amateur Radio Field
Day.” We never know what we might see.

On Wednesday Geoff VK2GW was trying out his new IC-7300 which
was sounding great. We then discovered that we all missed out on the
fact that the previous day was Pancake Tuesday. It also came to light
that the WIA were giving away free Foundation Manuals to any affiliated
club who wanted them.

And all the way from Bathurst we again heard from Terry VK2MTJ who
was putting in a great signal on 80metres for that time of the day.

On Friday we were queried on pink noise as opposed to white noise.
Greg told us of Penny’s jaunt in one of the local shopping centres, to
which Geoff VK2GW stated his disgust for such ventures as it involves
the one thing in life he detests, namely, exercise. Mike VK2OB and Ken
VK2UTC both put their two bob’s worth in regarding pink noise.

If you want to know any more on the subject, just wait for the next
enthralling instalment of you club newsletter.

Now for “When is it? And what is it?
Sat 16 th March. Practical Arduino demonstration


Sat 30 th March. The infamous Westlakes Car Boot Sale
Free entry – gates open 0900hrs
Barbeque and Raffles to be enjoyed.
Yes I said raffles – plural. Two meat
trays to be won – plus another

Sun 26 May Westlakes – Open Day. Let’s put
your club on the map and tell
people we are here.





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