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WARC News   15-12-2019

WARC Broadcast 15th December 2019

Good morning. This is VK2ATZ portable with a summary of news and events for Amateur Radio Operators and listeners on behalf of Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Incorporated. It is Sunday 15 December 2019. Call-backs will be taken immediately after the broadcast.

The monthly meeting was held at the club yesterday. Despite the small number in attendance, a number of important issues were decided upon or discussed. There was a sense of Déjà vu in the meeting, however, as we discussed many items that have been on the meeting minutes for quite some time. The club has been able to move forward over the last couple of years, due thankfully to the small number of volunteers who help at the club. This small band of volunteers cannot, however, do everything that needs doing around the club. The committee needs more help to cope with the many activities that are required to keep the club going. Thanks therefore to Michael, VK2CCW, who prepared a great lunch for us again yesterday and to Jamie, VK2YCJ and Greg, VK2POP, for volunteering to clean out the lean-too guttering and clear the down pipes. But remember volunteers are always welcome.

We are aware that many of you have helped in years gone by and that many of us are getting older. We need, therefore, to recruit new younger members to take the club forward. As one member said in the meeting, ‘if we do not get younger people in, the club won’t last many more years more years’. With this in mind, the committee will be planning to identify ways of making the club and the hobby more attractive to younger people. Early in the new year we will be welcoming members from the Central Western Amateur Radio Club to the club. A number of their members will be visiting our club on Saturday 22 February before continuing onto the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club Field Day on Sunday 23 February. We are looking forward to showing off the club and sharing ideas with our western cousins. Our President Barry, VK2FIN, has also been in touch with Jaye, VK2FOMG, the President of Central Coast Amateur Radio Club, to discuss ways we can add value to both clubs and the hobby through closer collaboration. We will follow up with a meeting in the new year.

Our President Barry, VK2FIN, is also keen to get Foundation licence holders together to see how we can better serve the interests of these important members of the club and the hobby.

So, we are keen to grow club membership and particularly interest younger members to the club. This will be a major focus in 2020.

Today’s lucky monster ham raffle winner was Jeff VK2MCD. Enjoy the ham Jeff.

If you have any news you would like included in the weekly broadcast please communicate it (email, SMS, wireless, etc) to our Treasurer Jeremy or President Barry.

Did you know that Westlakes Amateur Radio Club has Facebook page? This page carries information about what is happening around our club, our Sunday news, WIA news. ARNSW news Southgate and WICEN as well as others news interests and topics of interest our members.

Now to Coming Events:

Wednesday 25 December 2019 – Christmas
Thursday 26 December 2019 – all you kiddies try out the new gear Santa left you
Saturday 8 February 2020 – our first general meeting of the year

Radio and Christmas:

As it is Christmas, I thought I’d look for something related to the festive season and found the following by Brian Fung, a reporter with the Washington Post.

The few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas [in the US] are typically when radio stations start blasting holiday tunes across the country. In 1906, though, there was but one radio station as we think of them today. And on Christmas Eve, it beamed out the world's first radio show.
At 9 p.m. that night 113 years ago, the Canadian inventor Reginald Fessenden set up his violin before the microphone at a studio in Brant Rock, Massachusetts, and proceeded to play "O Holy Night," a live performance that was heard, by some accounts, up to 12 miles away. That recital was followed by a reading of the Bible.

"Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of good will," Fessenden read aloud.

There doesn't seem to be an original recording available of the show, but you can listen to a recreated version of it on line.

Fessenden's voice transmission to the public was the first of its kind. Until then, even though the telephone was already three decades old, Morse code was still the lingua franca among wireless operators on board ships, whose crews were among those to hear Fessenden's inaugural broadcast.
Fessenden put years of research into developing radio technology. His theory? By boosting the power of the radio signal, he might be able to achieve a steady wave on a single frequency that could carry sounds. Here's how one observer from the American Telephone Journal described the contraption that Christmas Eve:

Speaking broadly, wireless telephony by this system is accomplished by generating a practically continuous succession of electromagnetic waves, modifying the character of the emitted impulses by means of sound waves without interrupting their continuity, and receiving them in a constantly operative receiver of suitable form which controls a local circuit containing a battery and a telephone receiver. The apparatus which was seen in successful use at the time of the recent tests is the result of a series of diligent investigations in which a large amount of work was done to show the necessity of rejecting plans which did not lead to the required quality of transmission.

Fessenden needed a massive tower to broadcast his signal. Partnering with a couple of wealthy Pittsburgh financiers, he built a 400-foot tower at Brant Rock capable of sending out an audio signal at tens of kilohertz — a much higher frequency than the spark transmitters of the day.
Radio has since become an ordinary technology. But this is where it all began — 113 years ago at Christmas.

That brings us to the end of the news for this morning. Does anyone have any late breaking news that they wish to have announced this morning?

Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Incorporated is situated at 6A York Street Teralba NSW, and is open from around 10:00 am every Saturday. We maintain a fully equipped store and also have a limited Canteen with Meat Pies, Pasties, Sausage Rolls, a variety of cold drinks, ice creams and of course tea and coffee are always on together with an interesting selection of Biscuits. And most importantly, visitors are always welcome.

Now stand by for call backs.
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Followed by fixed stations,

And finally stations that wish to make a comment, to this news or a topic in general.

This is VK2ATZ/portable. At this time we would like to thank The Hunter Radio Group for the use of the Repeater. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you for listening and have a great day. From the Committee of Westlakes Amateur Radio Club, we wish you all the best for Christmas and hope that you have a prosperous and safe new year.

VK2ATZ/portable is now closed. Good Morning all.





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