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WARC News   18-8-2019

Good morning. This is VK2ATZ portable with a summary of news and events for Amateur Radio Operators and listeners on behalf of Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Incorporated. It is Sunday the 18th of August 2019. Your announcer this morning is Ken VK2UTC, using the club call-sign. Call-backs will be taken immediately after the broadcast.

Let there be light they said, and there was! Alex ZM had been at it again, trying to cut down on our donations to the power companies by fitting some LED tubes in the common room which certainly did brighten things up a bit, and even better they are the type that don't create interference to our radios! Win Win, thanks Alex.

Speaking of bright lights, members should be aware that Teralba is apparently a hot spot for Police speed checks. Often over the last few months we have seen multiple highway patrol vehicles patrolling our end of York St, and again this morning they were at it again and had no shortage of customers. Apparently though, now no longer using the good old Commodores and Falcons, the newer vehicles take a bit more manoeuvring, upon arriving at the club driveway the Secretary had one complete a high speed but cumbersome 3 point turn directly in front of him, thankfully slowing for the driveway saved a possibly embarrassing T Bone collision. Be warned!

The big event for the day was of course the RD Contest, as part of the preparation Ken UTC and Jeff MCD tried adjusting our wire antennas on Wednesday whilst battling against some vegetation prohibiting a clear path, so yesterday Jeff arrived with a pole saw so we could trim a couple of branches and make way for the wires. A big thanks to Ken UTC, Ian FIAN, Mark FMWP, and his grandad - oops dad Warren UWP! The work took some time and had the WARC contest team pacing impatiently waiting to get stuck into the event. As we aren't sure what time the team finished, if Alan JED or Ian FIAN are listening this morning, they could update us hopefully.

Whilst all this took place, our good Treasurer, Jeremy LDX continued separating people from their cash as he sold raffle tickets, jams, pens and anything else he could get a dollar or two for, no doubt this explains why Dave RD, Michael CCW and Greg CW safely remained seated in the meeting room.... Eventually though he had to bring in last week’s Ticket Tamer, Charlie CLH to select the new prize steak winner which was Greg POP, well done Greg!

Last week John EV had some candidates sit for upgrades and as expected, passes to all, AMC also get a tick for getting results back in 5 days, somewhat better than the processing of Assessors which is currently 5 months and ongoing, and better than the last batch of Foundation Assessments, which took around 3 months to complete the process. As they say, not all change is progress.

John is also starting a Standard theory class at 10am next Saturday, closely followed by a Foundation Class a week or two later, the date yet to be confirmed.

In even better news, we have some Project People to lead those wishing to construct J Poles/Slim Jims and even magnetic loops if members are keen. The start date hasn't been set but an indication of numbers would be appreciated so we can gather some resources. Oh, and by the way, a big thank you to Dave RD and Maurie CD for taking this on. Please let them or the Secretary know if you are interested.

The last offer of equipment for tender closed today, with only one submission received the job was easy, congratulations and thank you to Brad VK2???? for his generous offer.

It was also good to see the Activity room well populated with some great discussion going on and Keith KBH educating listeners on some electrical theory, good work Keith.

Spare a thought for our mate Barry BZ, after a brief but serious hospital attendance, he is back home but tells us he is not allowed to drive for 3 months, perhaps it's time to put that “little” row boat back in the water and scull your way across the lake Baz! Hi Hi.

Now, let’s see how Westlakes entered into the 80's. Firstly, Jamie YCJ now, was off to PNG for a 3 year placement for his career, this gave him yet more callsigns of P29VCJ and NCJ. Also, for those frustrated by our current lack of a repeater, fear not, a mere 39 years ago the local WARC repeater on Channel 10 as per designations of that time, was having just as much trouble as we do now, some things don't change.

Westlakes found itself challenged to a cricket match by the Newcastle Land Rover Club, the eventual match was won by Westlakes by an “indeterminable” score, however due to a shortage of starters, half the WARC team were in fact the Land Rover Club's B Team.

Another education first was the provision of a new course, “Electronic Calculators and Mathematics for the Radio Amateur”. Another 1st but this time in the newsletter, was the addition of a Supplement which was the Taree Radio Club news. An interesting concept, perhaps we could do this for the Port Stephens ARC?

Computers were starting to become a “thing” and another new course arrived, “Flowcharting and Programming”. Books were another item on the increase with Westlakes taking responsibility for the printing of another book “QSO JA Now” for basic phrases etc to assist with JA QSO's.
1980 was the year for Alex and upgrades, he had become VK2PCO then achieved Full Call status with VK2DPY. This was also the year the “new” library (now meeting room) was first carpeted and seen as being somewhat luxurious.

Club Calendar:

Field Day October 13th.. This year’s Radio Raffle, will be for a TYR 390 Dual Band DMR Radio and Hot Spot for DMR operations.
Next Meeting Day September 14th.
Maintenance / Clean up days – Every Wednesday between 9 and 12pm.

And as always members and visitors are all invited and welcome to attend these functions.
That brings us to the end of the news for this morning. Does anyone have any late breaking news that they wish to have announced this morning?

Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Incorporated is situated at 6A York Street Teralba, NSW, and is open from around 10:00 am every Saturday. We maintain a fully equipped store and have a limited Canteen with Meat Pies, Pasties, Sausage Rolls, a variety of cold drinks, ice creams and of course tea and coffee are always on together with an interesting selection of Biscuits.
And most importantly, visitors are always welcome.

Now standing by for call backs.
Firstly, from Visitors, then, Mobiles and Portable only.
Followed by fixed stations,
And finally, stations that wish to make a comment, to this news or a topic in general.

This is VK2ATZ/portable. At this time, we would like to thank The Hunter Radio Group for the use of the Repeater. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you for listening and have a great day. Have a great week. VK2ATZ/portable is now closed. Good Morning all.



Westlakes Amateur Radio Club Inc. York Street, Teralba NSW