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WARC News Broadcast Sunday 18-3-2018

Yesterday came and went and saw the usual turnout to the club. Owing to the temperature of the day the seat of knowledge didnít get a great work out although a few hardy types braved the high temperature to discuss the dayís affairs. As it got warmer, the meeting room was becoming more popular. At one stage you could hear a pin drop while everyone had found an old magazine to read. In walks Norm VK2KNC and asks for something to read with pictures.

Jeff VK2MCD walked into the room and accidently missed someone holding his hand out for a handshake. Jeff promptly went round the whole room shaking hands with all in sundry making out he was the Minister of Silly Handshakes.

Greg VK2CW advised that our Sydney supplier would be in stock of the new FT-818ís next week. An improvement on the FT-817 in that it has one or two improved features and a 20% increase in power out. From 5 watts to a whole 6 watts no less.

Barry VK2BZ brought in one of those devices that you talk to, which in turn talks to different things in the house in relation to powering on or off. Barry was trying to offload it to someone, anyone but no one was willing to accept.

Jeff VK2MCD, who always keeps an eye on how to make a buck, decided to try and sell the rest of the Westlakes A R C pens. The price $3.00 each or 3 for $10.00. Now think about that for a minute. He sold the lot.

While most of us were staying cool in the air conditioned environment, Col VK2YP and Ken VK2UTC assisted by Maurie VK2CD were outside in the heat trying out a G5RV Junior. They were busy running an analyser over it to see what frequencies it best loaded up on.

Les VK2LT Ė aka Ė Tail end Charlie, was last in to buy tickets in the raffle, again. But this time he didnít win it. The bacon went home with Col VK2YP. Some body went outside and told him of his win, and about 5 minutes later he came into the Meeting Room and asked who had won the raffle. I guess at least he didnít have a frequency, power or antenna issue. Congratulations Col and enjoy.

Wednesday at the club saw a continuation of activities in the shack. The missing tiles in the ceiling are nearing their return as in two up, one to go. Three computers are ready to go. The wiring of the radios and antennas is near completion and there is even a new set of curtains replacing those that were ready to disintegrate. Timber is now being procured to go on the new stands on the bench tops.

During all this process Ken VK2UTC was taking a piece of aluminium tubing into the Activity Room to cut and Dave VK2RD told him that he would not be able to cut it with the hacksaw Ken had in his hand. At that point Ken and Jeremy VK2LDX burst out laughing, as in Kenís other hand was a 12 inch plastic ruler. If anyone is interested, Daveís optometristís appointment is down for this coming week.

Mondayís net posed a question. Who is Henry? No it is not Henry the IX. It is the name given to that certain being sitting on the top of Col VK2YPís pool fence. He evidently keeps up with temperature changes on the fence. Col then went into a bit of history by telling us of a movie he was watching on the old delta winged Avro Vulcan Bomber Aircraft, first manufactured in 1956 through to 1965. Col seemed to be quite taken with these old war birds.

Greg VK2CW did not regale us with the occurrence of the falling shower head, but he did tell us of a bonsai plant which was about 38 years old and assumed dead until it was discovered to have some greenery regrowing on it at the time of its near demise.

Our Wednesday, our net master Dave VK2RD started to call proceedings to order until it became apparent that he wasnít getting out very far. After some twiddling with a few knobs and switches he suddenly became large as life like his normal self.

A warm welcome to the net was given to Andrew VK2VOO who made his debut appearance, and Greg VK2CW informed us all that he didnít require waking up this morning.

We also discovered that Henry didnít like being called such as Col decided to replace the batteries in the remote unit and now it doesnít work. Sounds as though its back to the manual method Col.

On Friday we got an update on Gregís shower head, which has now been repaired. Alan VK2XAL has now finished installing the door under the house and was told by many of us that the bottom and edges needed to be painted. It turned out that Alan was ahead of us all, although he did relate the troubles he had in correctly cutting quad moulding for the door area. Maybe Amateurs and saws just donít mix.

Last week we talked about the Stone the Crows net and its 1500th episode. As Ted VK2UI has taken up residence in a Retirement Village, we wish to advise that the Stone the Crows Net will STILL operate each and every week. Efforts will be made to have Ted participate where possible and if it means a bit of rescheduling needing to happen, then it will. We have not heard the last of Ted on the air waves.

Now from our reminder department. Some time ago we were told of an avenue of making a few bob for the club regarding old batteries. It is simply, bring any old Gel Cell, lead acid or car batteries down to the club and every so often we take them to a collection point and we are given a few dollars. So when you get your car battery changed, be a bit cheeky and ask, ďCan I have the old one please?Ē

Also from the reminder department. The Westlakes CQ Repeater Contest is back. This is a local contest only on FM repeaters and is open to all amateurs who must abide by their Licence Condition Determinations, on 10m, 6m, VHF and UHF repeaters. You are allowed ONE CONTACT per REPEATER per DATE, and you get one point per contact per repeater per date. There are to be no contacts via IRLP or Echolink.

Logs must show contact call and name, frequency, signal report, date and local time. Contacts can commence midnight on 23rd March and it finishes two days later at 11.59pm 25th March. The Contest Manager has the final say on logs which are to be hand written and submitted by hand at the club or sent to: Contest Manager, WARC, PO Box 5, Boolaroo, NSW, 2284. Logs must be received by 1pm local time on 31st March 2018.

This monthís Character of Radio is Eric Brockbank VKEZB who was made a Life Member of Westlakes in 1987. In real life he was a tradesman painter with the Public Works Department. Is it any wonder his house was always well painted in cream and green? Eric was self-taught in electronics and he became a good technician. His Limited call was VK2ZOP and he used to say he was only a dit or so from Dick Smith who was VK2ZIP at the time. Eric had a good imagination. It was he who came up with the motto, "Progress Through Activity." He also drew The Westlakes Cat and all of those Faceless cartoons that were in club's magazine for 20 years and re-printed in Amateur Radio Magazine. No one ever understood any Faceless cartoons but that didn't matter, there was always another one in the next month's edition. The club's Saturday Morning "Eazybee" two metre net comes from his call sign, EZB. His XYL, Joan, was on hand every Saturday for years working in the canteen. They were both great club members.
Again our thanks go to Greg VK2CW for this snippet.

Finally we would like to pay respects to our Irish connections as yesterday was St Patrickís Day. Our thought for the day as you slide down the bannister of life is to hope that the splinter is not facing the other way.

This is the news we have for you this week. 73.





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