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WARC News Broadcast Sunday 11-11-2018

To start the news this week we have some notes from the Presidential Desk.

Both the club management committee and the general meetings were held at
the club yesterday. The meetings were well attended and covered the
following major issues:

The field day held last month was very successful – many hands helped
organise, prepare and deliver the event, the day was successful
financially and, I believe, everyone enjoyed themselves

The guttering on the lean-to roof over the Seat of Knowledge was
replaced through the week

As we all know, Penny will be hanging up her apron at the end of this
year and we will need to look at options to feed the starving hams at the
general meeting each month – the meeting decided that the general
meeting will follow a BBQ lunch from next year

As Allan, VK2JED, is out of action for a while the meeting asked for
volunteers to temporarily fill the Contest Officer position – Les VK2RJ
was the slowest to move (no, actually Les volunteered) and was
unanimously elected

Considerable discussion was held on the future of the 2m repeater – a
number of options are to be investigated to get the club on the band

A review of the club electrical installation has begun – all GPOs and RCDs
have been checked and a plan to rectify problems is being drafted

Jamie, VK2YCJ, has loaned the club a WSPR set to trial for a period

Five new members were admitted to club membership which was good
to see

The management committee is currently reviewing the club’s
constitution and operating procedures and any changes will be taken to
the special meeting in December for approval

The problem of rubbish around the club was raised gain – all members
are asked to help us keep the club clean and tidy – if you see rubbish on
the ground, pick it up and put it in a bin – if the bin is full, it would be
appreciated if you could take it home with you and put it in your garbage

The silly season is almost upon us – take care on the roads and be
careful with the demon drink

73”s Barry Finlay VK2FIN

Yesterday there was no complaints about the weather at the club as there was
an early attendance on the Seat of Knowledge. Ken VK2UTC spent the morning
effecting repairs to the 80 metre antenna. What is best described as that
unmentionable stuff appeared to be going on in the Activities Room. Others
just prefer to call it secret men’s business.

The Committee had their meeting at 1100hrs, which was followed by the
General Meeting at 1300hrs, after which the all-important raffle was drawn
with the winner being Charlie VK2CLH, however it is unfortunate that we all
missed the barbeque which he held last night. Congratulations Charlie and
enjoy. After the raffle was drawn, we had the race for afternoon tea as it was
Penny’s second to last spread before her upcoming retirement. What are we
going to do after she has gone?

Is it mandatory to keep a station log? Was the question asked on Monday’s
net. This was raised in relation to last Sunday’s “What’s in my glovebox?” quiz.
This was after Geoff VK2GW started off the net a few numbers below the
required frequency.

Ken VK2UTC popped up in his new location fearful his antenna was not up to
scratch. He only got one instruction. “Leave it alone!”

We were also advised not to leave our bicycles on the footpath in front of the
house nearing council clean-up day, as they will be grabbed by the scavengers.
Come to think of it, it’s hard to think that many of us would have that problem.

As the grass seems to be growing fasts in Eleebana, Glenn VK2GST stated he
was going to take his mower for a walk. That was going to occur after he
visited the A C M A web site to avoid becoming another member of the said
government body’s non-compliant association.

On Wednesday we learnt that Dan VK2GG had just got back after a few days at
the Jacaranda Festival in Grafton. Dave VK2RD uttered those words made
famous by that Irish comedian, Hal Roach. “Write it down!” Al was telling us of
a mishap when playing with his newly acquired Raspberry Pie. Dave likened
the changes in electronic technology to the way motors have gone in motor
vehicles. “If it doesn’t have a carburettor and a set of points, I don’t want to
know!” Says Dave.

Norm VK2KNC delighted us with his usual demonstration of using lower case
when talking on air. Not bad for someone who is normally very audible at the

Club on a Saturday. Pushing the button on his microphone must turn his
transceiver to QRP.

Now down at the Club Rooms, Ken VK2UTC gave the vacuum cleaner a work
out. He then logged onto the net, but discovered the 80 metre dipole was not
working correctly. Charlie VK2CLHfitted a temporary RCD system to the
Activities Room and Jeff VK2MCD did whatever Jeff does, no doubt being some
of that admin thingy. Then Jamie VK2YCJ called in for his obligatory lunch and
a chat.

Friday started with the usual complaints that it was cold again. Well what’s
new at this time of year? Ken and Dave VK2RD discussed the problem with the
80 metre antenna. Alan VK2XAL defied the odds by saying he was getting
fantastic signals from all on the net and Dave ended proceedings by saying that
Westlakes should write a book on all the inventions that have been credited to
the Club.

This week we are going to talk about someone who is probably not as well-
known as the electronic and electrical luminaries we have talked about over
recent weeks. Today’s dissertation is on the life of John Ambrose Fleming, who
was born in Lancashire in 1849.

As a boy he wanted to become an engineer and at the age of eleven he had his
own workshop where he built boats and engines and started a lifelong interest
in photography.

He became an electrical engineer and physicist and was also responsible for
inventing the first thermionic valve or vacuum tube. He was the oldest of
seven children and was educated at the University College School in London.

At the end of his second year of studies, the family resources were stretched,
so he had to put a hold on his studies and take up some form of employment.
He started as a ship builder in Dublin. He soon got sick of that and later
obtained a job with the London Stock Exchange. He spent two years in this
position and was able to continue his studies in the evenings, where he
graduated with a first class degree.

Determined to further his studies, but needing to replenish his funds, he took
up a post at Rossall School for 18 months and later entered the Royal College
of Science, in Kensington, to study chemistry in 1872.

It was here that he first studied the electric battery which resulted in the first
paper he ever presented. It was the first paper to be read at the Physical
Society of London.

Again being short of money, he sought further employment, this time as
Science Master at Cheltenham College. Again he was able to continue his
research and started corresponding with James Clerk Maxwell, a well-known
Scottish Scientist, especially in the field of mathematical physics. At this point
Fleming decided to study under Maxwell at Cambridge.

Whilst still at Cheltenham, he managed to get the wherewithal to enable him
to return to university. At 28 years of age, in 1877 he entered Cambridge
studying under Maxwell. Whilst he found Maxwell’s lectures difficult to follow,
Fleming still managed to obtain a first class degree in Physics and chemistry
and a year later he obtained his Doctorate in Science from London University.

Fleming took to academic life and procured a post of Professor of Physics and
Mathematics at the University College in Nottingham. Not staying too long in
this position he became a consultant to the Edison Telephone Company. After
studying many of Edison’s inventions, he travelled to Edison’s laboratories in
the USA. Here he saw an invention known as the Edison effect. It was found
that an evacuated light bulb with a second electrode would allow current to
flow from one electrode to the other, but only in one direction.

For Fleming 1904 was a significant year in his life in that after tinkering with his
vacuum tube idea for years, he successfully finalised his designs for a two
electrode vacuum tube rectifier. This device would build on the work
previously done by Maxwell. Dubbed the oscillation valve, he received 16
patents for it. As this was the first true vacuum tube, this device found many
applications in radio receivers, radars and other devices. It lasted 50 years till
the onset of solid state.

Fleming retired from the University College in London at the age of 77 and was
knighted for his services two years later in 1929, dying in 1945 at the age of 95.

Now we have the matter of a correction to last week’s news, where it was
reported that our esteemed President Barry VK2FIN had let his Amateur
licence lapse. We have to report that this was untrue, and that the only
problem was his eyesight in that he misread his listing on the A C M A site. The
real question is who let him in charge of the ride on mower prior to the Field
Day when there was obvious visual impairment?

Finally “What’s on and when?”

A.R. N.S.W. Trash & Treasure Day Sun 25 th November
General Meeting Day Sat 8 th December
General Meeting preceded by an S G M to ratify constitutional changes.
Christmas Party – all B Y O – Teralba Sat 15 th December
Westlakes Annual Fly-In Day Sat 22 nd December
All things Arduino- (Arduino Day) Sat 20 th January
Wyong Field day Sun 24 th February

In conclusion, as today is the 11 th of November, it is asked that at 11.00am, we
all pause for a moment to reflect on the ultimate sacrifices that our forebears
made in the theatres of war, and in particular be mindful that it is 100 years
today since the cessation of hostilities in what became known as the Great
War of 1914-1918.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning.
We will remember them.

This is the news we have for you this week. 73.





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