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Instruction Video's from TX Factor

TX Factor - Episode 21 - In this early summer episode we look at
programming your DMR handie and running a
SharkRF openSPOT digital radio IP gateway.
We review the new Icom IC-7610 transceiver, and Mike visits Bob’s shack
in Cornwall to learn more about operating through a linear.
Time: 58:46

TX Factor - Episode 20 - We conclude our look at innovative
Amateur Radio products from Hamfest 2017 and Bob goes back to
basics with an overview of setting up an inexpensive SDR dongle
Time: 41:56

TX Factor - Episode 19 - In part of our reports from Hamfest 2017
we have a sneak preview of the Icom IC-7610 and IC-R8600 Rigs.
We meet the new owners of PW Magazine and Pete tries his hand at
the RSGB on-line exam. There's also an update on the
Society's EMC Committee's findings.
Time: 0:53:35

TX Factor - Episode 18 - TX Factor experiences what it's like to be
young again with a visit to this Year's YOTA activity week at Gilwell Park in
 London, and if you've ever fancied a go at moon bounce or EME, then see
 how Bob and a team of amateurs get on when they're let loose on a
 32 metre dishat Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall.
Time: 0:53:35

TX Factor - Episode 17  -  TX Factor goes digital as Mike Marsh gives
 Bob McCreadie  an introduction to operating on DMR, Yaesu Fusion and D Star as part of his digital fun.  In part one of the series, they take a trip to a local farm
 to see how an amateur  has set up his own Fusion Gateway.

Ever wonder why QSL cards take a long time to complete their journey? Bob finds out what we can do to help speed up he process.

Time: 1:03:51

TX Factor - Episode 16  -  Our new team member Pete Sipple
 looks forward to Youngsters On The Air 2017 and chats to some key players at this summer’s UK event. Pete finds time to take an eager look at the new dual-band handie offering from Kenwood - the TH-D74E with D-STAR.

Bob chats to our friend Bob Inderbitzen from the ARRL about the League’s worldwide presence and Mike investigates two clever devices from SOTABeams that will help to improve the filtering of your FT-817 and check the efficiency of your HF antenna respectively.
Time: 0:51:01

TX Factor - Episode 15  -  IC-7300 Remote Operation and
Digital ATV Portsdown Protocol

Time: 0:56:01

TX Factor - Episode 14 -  Information on HF and VHF Propagation and
Space Weather

Time: 0:48:38

TX Factor - Episode 13 - Bob gets to weigh up the latest offering of digital transceivers with Gary from ML&S. We chat about the weather with two experts
 who always look on the bright side.

Time: 01:04:58

TX Factor - Episode 12 -
Not one, but two rig reviews: the Sun Expert Electronics Transceiver MB1 and the elusive Icom IC-7300 are comprehensively analysed.
Bob teaches Mike a thing or two about amateur satellite operating

Time: 01:05:54



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